Manchester City fined $380,000 but avoid transfer ban over youth signings

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Manchester City have avoided being hit by a transfer ban, but have been fined $380,000 for breaching rules regarding the transfer of youth football players.

The news was announced by the world’s governing body for football, FIFA, in a statement, which clarified their position with regard to the Premier League champions, and said that the club had “accepted its responsibility.”

“The protection of minors is a key element in FIFA’s overall regulatory framework relating to the transfer of players, and the effective enforcement of these rules is paramount, as has also been confirmed on various occasions by the Court of Arbitration for Sport,” said FIFA’s statement.

City are also under a separate investigation from the European governing body, UEFA, regarding financial fair play rules following a report in the German press that accused the club’s Abu Dhabi owners of improper conduct regarding sponsorship deals in order to comply with FFP rules. City are already appealing the investigation, with club chairman Khaldoon Al Mubarak (pictured) saying City will “unquestionably prevail”.

Back in May, Al Mubarak said: “I believe, quite comfortably, if the process is going to be judged on facts then unquestionably we will prevail. If it’s not about facts and it’s about other things, then it is a different conversation.”

Another top Premier League club, Chelsea, is currently appealing FIFA’s decision to fine the club $615,000 and impose a transfer ban after they were linked to 29 cases that breached the regulations regarding the international transfers of under-18 players.

The ban meant the London side were unable to strengthen the team during the summer transfer window, and club lawyers are currently pursuing the appeal with the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

Also on UEFA’s club financial control body must act on Manchester City or risk being rendered useless

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