UK seaside town tries to quench hot passions with water-spraying anti-sex toilets

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Public bathrooms being used for sordid activities have become such a problem in the Welsh town of Porthcawl that authorities are investing in anti-sex toilets that sound alarms and spray water when occupants try to get busy.

Nothing spoils the mood quite like being soaked as high-pitched alarms screech and automatic doors slide open, but that’s what faces people who try to get it on in the £170,000 ($206,500) futuristic toilets.

Planning documents from the town council show that weight-sensitive floors and ‘violent movement’ sensors will ensure that only one user can use the restroom at a time, in a bid to safeguard against “inappropriate sexual activity and vandalism,” WalesOnline reports.

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The high-tech toilets also include a high-pressure floor and wall washer, which has the ability to clean the lavatory after every visit, or less frequently if desired. An automated 10-minute “deep clean” process will take place every night.

However, people have many questions about how the sex-stopping toilets will work in practice, with many fearing that they will claim innocent victims.

“Weight sensitive floors to detect more than one user? What baseline weight are they using? I’m easily the weight of two teenagers! And what about people who need assistance? I have to go in with my kids,” one Twitter user responded.

Another person added: “This is absolutely terrifying. I’m a disabled person who falls a lot and occasionally needs assistance. Am I going to have to need to start looking up whether I’ll be able to use public conveniences without violent and humiliating consequence, because of moral panic?”

While the days of the Porthcawl toilets being used for public sex might be coming to an end, there’s still some life in the old dogging spot yet as the existing bathrooms won’t be demolished until October.

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