Rocket sirens drive Netanyahu off stage during campaign rally (VIDEOS)

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Booming sirens that warned of an incoming missile attack from Gaza forced Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu to evacuate from stage during a campaign event, shortly after he vowed to annex the Jordan Valley should he get reelected.

The warning sounded during a pro-Netanyahu event in the town of Ashdod on Tuesday evening, prompting participants to flee the event, including the prime minister. Some rally-goers were filmed as they hastily left the venue.

Two rockets were fired toward the towns of Ashdod and Ashkelon from Gaza, the Israeli Defense Forces said, adding that both were intercepted by the Iron Dome. The attack was also captured on film.

No injuries were reported in the attack, and Netanyahu re-took the stage to finish his speech moments after the sirens ceased.

The incident comes one week before Israel’s Knesset election, in which Netanyahu is threatened with being unseated. Earlier Tuesday, he promised to annex a large portion of the West Bank and negotiate the move with US President Donald Trump – that is if he comes on top in the Israeli vote. Critics have interpreted the vow as an election ploy to pull more right-wing voters from Netanyahu’s rivals.

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