WATCH: Biker plunges off 70ft cliff in horror crash… but somehow survives

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Texas man Rick Hogge miraculously survived a terrifying crash after plummeting from a 70ft cliff while riding his motorcycle along a rocky road in Colorado.

Hogge was taking a bike ride with friends when the scary incident happened. As he made his way across the narrow path his bike suddenly hit a rock which sent him flying 60-70ft down the verge before crashing into a river.

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The horrific plunge was captured on a camera attached to the rider’s helmet, and the footage shows how Hogge lost his balance while trying to avoid rocks.

The man was found by his friends who helped him to climb back up the cliff.

I thought about my kids on the way down,” he said, recalling the life-threatening incident.

So, so many things just went absolutely perfect to allow me to survive that and I really feel like the grace of God is why I am here now,” he added.

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