Cloudy with a chance of APCs: WATCH 2 Russian armored vehicles crash from sky during massive drills (VIDEO)

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Two armored personnel carriers dramatically crashed to their doom during the Russian Airborne Forces training conducted as part of massive international Center-2019 maneuvers involving 128,000 troops from Russia, China and India.

More than 2,000 troops and 200 armored pieces were airdropped behind the simulated enemy lines from nearly six dozen Il-76 military transport planes during spectacular Airborne Forces exercise last week. Several parachutes, however, failed to deploy, resulting in two infantry fighting vehicles plummeting to the ground at terminal velocity.

Luckily there were no crew inside and no one was hurt on the ground, but two vehicles were ‘damaged’ beyond repair, Russia’s Defense Ministry confirmed. The moment of the fall and photos of the squashed debris of what once was an armored personnel carrier of now hard-to-establish model in the meantime leaked online.

Such incidents are relatively common around the globe, but a probe was still launched into why exactly the parachuting systems failed. A certain level of hardware loss is considered ‘acceptable’ during air insertion of military hardware, especially on such a grand scale, as the airdropped vehicles are not only supposed to land safely but also enter into action immediately after.

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An incident during US Army training in Germany went viral back in 2016 after three Humvees detached from their parachutes and brutally slammed into a field to the cheers and laughter of the operator. An American soldier was later found guilty of sabotage and destruction military property after an investigation determined he had cut the parachute straps.

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