Pakistan’s envoy to UN apologizes for ‘typo’ after tweeting about ‘Foreign Minister’ Boris Johnson

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News of Boris Johnson’s move to Downing Street apparently never reached Pakistan’s envoy to the UN, who commented on a meeting between Imran Khan and the UK “foreign minister.” The diplomat later described the gaffe as a “typo.”

“Prime Minister Imran Khan met with British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson this morning,” Maleeha Lodhi tweeted on Monday.

The mix-up was quickly spotted by the Twitterati, who grilled the Pakistani envoy over the glaring faux pas.

Others wondered if Pakistan’s prime minister at least knew who he was meeting with.

Not everyone joined the internet pile-on, however. An observant netizen astutely noted that amid the chaos of Brexit, it has become increasingly difficult to keep track of who is in charge of Britain.

The tweet was later deleted and replaced with a message apologizing for the rather undiplomatic “typo.”

The correction sparked a fresh round of social media quips, with Twitter users complaining that the envoy didn’t even understand the difference between a “mistake” and a “typo.”

This isn’t the first time that Lodhi has been fact-checked by the internet. In a UN address in 2017, she held up a photograph of mutilated girl, claiming the image came from Kashmir. It was soon revealed that the photo was actually taken in Gaza in 2014, causing considerable embarrassment for Islamabad.

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