Swedish pole vaulter nearly breaks her neck in horrifying attempt at IAAF World Championships (VIDEO)

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Swedish athlete Angelica Bengtsson sent an entire stadium in Doha into a state of horror after she broke her pole and nearly smashed her head during an attempt at the IAAF World Championships in Qatar.

The 26-year-old was making her third attempt at a height of 4.80m when her pole suddenly snapped mid-run, sending the Swede flying right onto the hard track.

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Bengtsson, who didn’t have time to ensure a safe landing, hit the ground with her head, causing spectators to freeze in fear.

Luckily for the athlete, she emerged from the terrifying incident unscathed and was allowed to repeat her attempt at the same height.

She didn’t have another pole suitable for this height, so she borrowed one from her French counterpart, who had finished her performance earlier after failing at a height of 4.70m.

The Swedish pole vaulter bravely repeated her attempt, and broke the national record on the borrowed pole.

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She failed to clear the next height of 4.85m and finished the competition in sixth place.

The title in the women’s pole vault event went to Russia’s Anzhelika Sidorova, who posted a personal best result at a height of 4.95m.


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