War boys, V8s & dust: Mad Max-themed post-apocalyptic ‘Wasteland Weekend’ festival held in Mojave Desert (PHOTOS)

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Revelers donning the most extravagant costumes – and some without almost any – assorted Mad Max-style vehicles, and a whole post-apocalyptic settlement were on display at ‘Wasteland Weekend’ festival held in California.

The main theme of the festival, dubbed ‘Wasteland Weekend’, is the Mad Max franchise but the revelers apparently get inspiration from other dystopian titles as well, namely the Fallout post-apocalyptic game series. Despite the name, it’s actually a five-day event, that kicks off annually on the last Wednesday of September.

The permanent festival home is located in Mojave Desert between the now-defunct Cold War-era Nevada nuclear test site and Hollywood. Some 4,000 people attended the event this year, significantly more than 10 years ago when it was first held attracting a handful of movie fans.

The revelers can take part in various contests, attend live music and fire performances, as well as visit a special bartering area to try and exchange their belongings with other festival goers.

Wearing costumes, as well as carrying assorted post-apocalyptic props, is mandatory during the event.

Many stick to recreating various characters of the Mad Max franchise and its latest installment, ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’, in particular.

While others choose rather generic, rugged and ragged post-apocalyptic looks.

Some revelers, however, were seen wearing close to nothing – which is not a very advisable tactic to survive in not only a post-apocalyptic, but a regular desert.

The event also featured heavily modified road vehicles, ranging from rusted muscle cars to assorted dune buggies.

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