Indian PM Modi’s niece ROBBED by motorcycle-riding thieves in New Delhi

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The niece of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was mugged by a pair of motorcycle-riding thieves in New Delhi on Saturday. The bandits made off with a bundle of cash, two mobile phones and some of the woman’s travel documents.

Damayanti Modi was accosted outside a hotel in the Civil Line area of the Indian capital by two robbers, who escaped with her purse containing around Rs 56,000 ($788.20) in cash, two mobile phones and important documents.

The highly connected woman told India Today TV that she was due to catch a flight to Ahmedabad in western India on Saturday, but all her proofs of identity were now missing. 

Damayanti is a daughter of Prime Minister Modi’s brother and she had recently returned to Delhi from Amritsar. The high-profile mugging is the latest in a spate of similar snatching incidents that have been reported in various parts of Delhi. 

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