‘You go to the stadium dressed up like that…’ Italian journalist slams Diletta Leotta for revealing outfits

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Italian journalist Caterina Collovati has lambasted her colleague Diletta Leotta for donning outfits that are too revealing while covering football games at stadiums.

Collovati, who is the wife of former footballer Fulvio Collovati, criticized the popular TV host for her fashion choices, insisting that Leotta intentionally chooses figure-hugging clothes to seek the attention of football fans.

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I say that if a journalist goes to the stadium being dressed up like that, she prefers to be looked at rather than listened to,” Collovati wrote on her Facebook page along with a photograph of Leotta posing with her male co-host.

Collovati’s remarks were made in response to Leotta’s recent interview in which she asked people who are not interested in football to simply look at her during her match reports.

If you are interested in football listen to my words, if not just you look at me,” she said, sparking outrage in Italy, with many of her colleagues condemning the journalist’s approach of promoting football.

Leotta, who works for the DAZN sports streaming service, made the headlines two weeks ago after she was targeted by chants from the stands as fans asked the blonde to bare her breasts.

The journalist laughed off the controversy, insisting that the chants were “just a joke” with no harmful or insulting implication.

Leotta is one of the most recognized sports presenters in Italy and has more than 4 million followers on Instagram.


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