Trump ascends his Twitter pulpit to declare that… he doesn’t like ‘swiping’ on his iPhone

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Donald Trump has issued another one of his (in)famous Twitter edicts, this time providing some customer feedback to Apple CEO Tim Cook. Apparently, the president is not a fan of newer iPhone models.

“To Tim: The Button on the IPhone was FAR better than the Swipe!” Trump tweeted on Friday, weighing in on the contentious debate over the best method of unlocking an iPhone.

Apple’s iPhones – starting from iPhone X – use an upward swipe to unlock the device or return to the home screen. However, Trump could always opt for the older iPhone 8 if he prefers the traditional button.

His impromptu tech review elicited the usual smorgasbord of memes and one-liners. However, even some Trump-haters begrudgingly admitted that the president had a point.

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