North Korea confirms firing ‘super-large multiple rocket launchers’

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Two short-range projectiles fired into the Sea of Japan on Thursday were the result of a successful test of multiple rocket launchers, North Korea has revealed.

The army tested “super-large multiple rocket launchers,” according to the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA). The test’s success proved the capability of the “continuous-fire system” to “totally destroy” a group of enemy targets.

Tokyo claimed on Thursday that the projectiles, launched in the afternoon local time, were most likely ballistic missiles.

The test comes weeks after North Korea blamed the US for derailing the latest bilateral talks by employing an “old viewpoint and attitude” towards the country. Pyongyang continued its weapons tests, successfully firing a ballistic missile from a submarine in early October.

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The US and its allies, Japan and South Korea, condemned the missile launches, saying that they escalate tensions in the region. North Korea has been insisting that the tests are conducted for purely defensive purposes and are necessary to protect the nation’s independence amid Washington’s saber-rattling.

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