Trump says Melania ‘wouldn’t cry her eyes out’ if he were shot – joke explodes on Twitter

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US President Donald Trump has, apparently, confirmed that his wife Melania would not be moved to tears if he happened to get shot – and Twitter has quickly taken it as a window into the first couple’s much-discussed marriage.

Speaking to a Republican audience at a private fundraiser at the Trump Hotel in Washington on Tuesday, Trump brought up the 2017 shooting of House minority whip Steve Scalise.

Trump recalled that, when he visited Scalise in hospital, the politician’s wife had “cried her eyes out” – a reaction he would not, apparently, expect from Melania – or most wives, for that matter.

I mean, not many wives would react that way to tragedy, I know mine wouldn’t

Maybe Trump has just been unlucky in love?

The president also joked that he would not recommend being shot as a good way to lose weight – a reference to his comments at the time that Scalise being critically wounded was a “hell of a way to lose weight.”

Needless to say, Trump’s comments about Melania’s alleged indifference sparked instant reaction on Twitter.

“Finally Trump says something that everyone finds credible,” one person wrote. “Disturbingly insightful,”wrote another.

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There was also plenty of dark humor to go around.

“Tears of relief, maybe,” one tweet suggested.

Other’s just steered clear of the whole thing, hoping to avoid any kind of visit from the Secret Service.

Yet, one person took what was perhaps the lowest blow of all, writing: “Melania would cry if Justin Trudeau was shot…just sayin.”

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