‘Never going to Riyadh again’? Lil Wayne tweets & deletes mysterious angry rant

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US rapper Lil Wayne has targeted Saudi Arabia in an angry tweet, allegedly after running into drugs-related troubles with the law following a concert there. The tweet then mysteriously disappeared amid a wave of mockery and jokes.

“Never going to Riyadh again!!!” Lil Wayne tweeted shortly after his appearance at a concert at Diriyah Music Festival in Saudi Arabia, where he was one of the headliners on Saturday, along with fellow rappers Tyga and Future.

It immediately caught the eye of his fans, especially since his previous tweet just ahead of the gig emphasized how he couldn’t wait to see Riyadh. The tweet was up for several hours, yet the rapper ultimately deleted it, facing a tsunami of questions and mockery.

It was the first time ever Lil Wayne performed in Saudi Arabia, and the experience apparently wasn’t too pleasant for him. While the concert itself seemed great, afterwards the rapper reportedly had troubles with the law. No official word was issued on what exactly happened, yet the unconfirmed reports suggest that either Lil Wayne, his manager – or both – got briefly detained over drug possession.

Several Saudi officials weighted in on the controversy, implicitly backing the reports. They reminded the rapper that their country has harsh drug laws, stating that he should’ve listened to his team’s warnings.

Saudi Arabia indeed has very strict drug laws – mere personal usage of marijuana can land one in jail for several months or even be punished with public whipping. Drug dealing in the meantime can ultimately result in a death sentence.

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