WATCH: Spectacular MMA double knockdown leads to KO win after both fighters land HUGE left hooks

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The infamous double knockdown is one of the rarest sights in combat sports but it was once again witnessed during the conclusion to a mixed martial arts bout between Eder Lopes and Diogo Neves in Portugal.

Lopes, 22, and Neves, 31, both threw heavy left hooks at exactly the same moment during the first round of their fight in the Lisbon and it was the kickboxing world champion Lopes who managed to get to his feet as the referee called a halt to the fight.

The fight took place under the banner of regional promotion ECE and they must be counting their blessings as the clip continues to go viral and spread around the globe on social media.

The scene was reminiscent of the finish to a UFC fight between Dan Hardy and Carlos Condit several years ago in which both fighters landed shots simultaneously. In that case, just as it was for Lopes here, Condit came off the better of the two fighters and was declared the winner.

Russian legend Fedor Emelianenko was also involved in a fight which involved a double knockdown, though he came out on the losing end of his when he was beaten by Matt Mitrione in a Bellator bout in 2017.

For Eder Lopes, who also holds a win against kickboxing legend John Wayne Parr, this moment will live long in the memory. As for Neves? Not so much.

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