West Ham ace Declan Rice terrified as Jack Wilshere pulls off hilarious tumble dryer prank

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He said: “I woke up, and obviously could see he had this video, kind of stretched, and then next thing when my eyes fully opened, he’s on the floor in hysterics, like that, showing his missus, going ‘oh my God, look at this video’, they’re both crying, I could not believe what happened.

“Only when I got back to the hotel I thought ‘that video’s bad’. The women’s World Cup was on at the time, and I remember being sat in the hotel with my missus, so he obviously put the video up.

“I said to my missus ‘watch this’. I leave my phone for 10-15 minutes, I come back to my phone, right, it’s never blown up so much.

“Messages, people on Twitter, people turning it into memes, everything I was like, ‘listen mate, you’ve ruined me holiday.”

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