Syria air defenses shot down ‘hostile missiles’ over Damascus fired from Israeli-occupied Golans – state media

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Syria’s air defenses have reportedly thwarted a missile attack, intercepting several “hostile targets” launched towards the capital, Damascus, Syrian state media reported.

It’s unclear if the reported attack resulted in any damage or casualties. Syrian SANA news agency reported, citing own correspondent, that the missiles came from the direction of the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights. Israel, which usually does not comment on its bombing incursions into Syria, is known to have repeatedly struck Damascus countryside claiming it was targeting “Iranian positions” there.

Last time Tel Aviv rained down missiles on Damascus just a week ago, forcing the Syrian government to active its air defenses to repel the attack. While there were no casualties or damage reported as result of the February 6 raid, the Israeli military endangered the lives of some 172 passengers and crew on board of a Damascus-bound Airbus A320 from Teheran. The plane was in a serious danger of being caught in the crosshairs and was forced into an emergency landing, the Russian military reported in the wake of the bombing, accusing Tel Aviv of putting civilian lives at risk.

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