No idea when coronavirus-positive Boris Johnson will come out of isolation, UK health minister says

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It is unclear whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson will emerge from self-isolation today, UK Health Minister Matt Hancock has said. The British leader was due to end his quarantine on April 3, but he is still showing symptoms.

“I don’t know about his own personal medical condition. What I do know is I’ve been working with him every single day through this crisis,” Hancock said of Johnson on Friday. He added that he had “no idea” when the prime minister would leave isolation.

His lack of certainty supports earlier rumors that the PM would not be returning to his normal routine yet.

Asked on Thursday if he would leave isolation, his spokesman declined to go into details, stating only that: “We will follow the guidelines… you can rest assured on that.”

Johnson went into self-isolation after he tested positive for coronavirus last Friday.

Hancock himself had been diagnosed with Covid-19, but he was cleared to return to work after recovering.

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