‘Man in the Arena’: NFL legend Tom Brady teases new ESPN series… but expect similar hagiography to Jordan’s ‘Last Dance’ (VIDEO)

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Fresh on the heels of smash hit series ‘The Last Dance’ – which focused on NBA icon Michael Jordan – NFL legend Tom Brady has teased his own upcoming documentary, titled ‘Man in the Arena’ and set for release next year.

Six-time Super Bowl winner Brady – who made the switch to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers earlier this year, calling time on two decades with the New England Patriots – teased the new ESPN series on his social media accounts on Thursday.

“I have quoted Theodore Roosevelt’s ‘Man in the Arena’ speech since I saw it painted on our weight room wall at UM in 1995,” Brady wrote with the message accompanying the promo. 

“It’s a constant reminder to ignore the noise, buckle my chinstrap, and battle through whatever comes my way.

“And while my football journey isn’t over, I’m excited to share my life through 9 Super Bowl seasons, while continuing to be the Man in the Arena in pursuit of a 10th.

“‘Because there is no effort without error.’ Progress over perfection.

“199 Productions is excited to partner with @religionofsports and @espn to bring this all to life. Coming in 2021!,” the 42-year-old added excitedly.

The series will run for nine episodes, one for each of Brady’s nine Super Bowl appearances.

Fans reacted excitedly at what will be the chance to gain an insight into a man widely held up as the GOAT of quarterbacks. 

“This will be the greatest doc of all time,” one fan wrote on Instagram. 

“Can’t wait to see it,” replied Hollywood actor Josh Brolin. 

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But anyone expecting to see the unadulterated truth about Brady’s rise when the show airs next year will likely be left disappointed.

The NFL star will be expected to retain significant say over what makes the final cut, seeing as his production company – 199 Productions – will help make the series. 

There was a similar situation with mega-hit ‘The Last Dance’, which concluded on ESPN last weekend and charted Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls’ quest for a historic ‘double threepeat’ of NBA championships in the 1990s.

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Jordan’s own production company was a co-producer of the series (although omitted from the credits), and there were claims Jordan held significant sway over what made the final version.

Former Chicago Bulls teammate Horace Grant this week claimed that “90 percent” of the series was “bullsh*t” as a result.  


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