‘Almost KILLING my girlfriend trying to master social distancing’: Golfer fumbles Covid-19 fore-play (VIDEO)

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Social distancing is supposedly a measure put in place to avert deadly outcomes. That almost wasn’t true for Dutch golfer Joost Luiten who “almost killed” his girlfriend trying to ‘safely’ practice a tee shot.

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At a time when relationships are being tested to the maximum in lockdown, many a couple has joked – and oftentimes probably fantasized – about bumping off their other half due to the stress of being cooped up together, Luiten stumbled across an ingenious method to get away with the perfect crime – and he caught it all on camera. 

The European Tour pro was practicing teeing off straight from catching a club thrown to him by his caddy from 1.5 meters away, as per social distancing rules.

But the trick shot went awry and instead of hitting the fairway it hit his fair lady, Melanie Jane Lancaster, trying to capture the shot behind the camera.

“Pfff playing golf with a caddy and keeping the 1.5m is hard,” the 34-year-old captioned the video on Instagram. “Almost killing my girlfriend in the process trying to master social distancing (she survived, just a bruise).”

Fortunately Lancaster escaped unharmed, despite the lack of even a ‘fore!’ shout from world number 98 Luiten, who simply laughed off the incident.


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