‘Put the designer on next flight to Wuhan’: Rock star Gallagher deletes tweet after venting disgust at ‘leaked’ new Man City kit

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Brit rocker Liam Gallagher has called for the designer of the ‘leaked’ new Manchester City third strip – widely ridiculed by fans for depicting ‘cells under a microscope’ – to be sent to Covid-19 origin city Wuhan.

Not known for mixing his words, 47-year-old former Oasis star Gallagher was quick to air his disgust at the new third strip for his team Man City after it was ‘leaked’ online this week. 

“Who ever is responsible for that new Man City kit needs putting on the next flight to WUHAN and who ever buys it needs to be on the 1 after c’mon you should f*cking know XLG,” Gallagher wrote in a since-deleted tweet.

Reaction to the kit has been mixed to say the least after website Footy Headlines revealed the design from Puma.

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City fans had been trying to goad Liam into giving his opinion on the “Corona Edition” kit for most of the day, with the star tweeting that if he “got one for free he’d send it back” and that “Paisley on a football kit is blasphemy.”

But then he went with the Wuhan reference – which appears was a step too far even for the more notorious of the Gallagher brothers.

In the end though, one eagle-eyed Oasis fan noticed an interesting similarity between the kit and a certain frontman’s outfit for one of his band’s most famous gigs back in the ‘90s…


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