Minneapolis mayhem: Police & National Guard fall back as HUGE crowds defy curfew order (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

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Despite a curfew imposed by the city government, widespread protests carry on in Minneapolis, as vandalism and arson break out for the third consecutive night following the police killing of George Floyd.

After unleashing flash bangs and tear gas on protesters who continued to amass in the area around the Minneapolis Police Department’s 3rd precinct headquarters on Friday night, security forces have apparently fallen back, failing to disperse the crowd. Demonstrators have since been allowed to wreck destruction and freely roam the city in defiance of Mayor Jacob Frey’s curfew order, which took effect at 8pm local time.

Demonstrators were seen gathering in the streets just moments before the order kicked in, as National Guard troops clad in riot gear ordered the crowd to leave over a megaphone, threatening curfew violators with arrest.

Reports gleaned from police scanners noted that protesters are pelting officers with stones and bottles, with numerous images showing teargas fired in response.

National Guardsmen were seen earlier in the day carrying rifles, but appear to have traded them less-lethal crowd control weapons as the demonstrations pick up momentum.


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