3 Habits Keeping You From Awakening Your Consciousness

Conscious awakening is not a passive process. But like many readers, I thought enlightenment was a factor of articles read and beliefs held. And for those several years, I didn’t advance an inch.

I knew that the government lied to us. I knew that corporations were really in charge. But my basic habits remained the same:

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I still talked trash to myself; still hung around negative people; still worked slave jobs.

By addressing each of those habits over the last several years, I’ve created a conscious life where I get paid to do what I love. And if you do the same, your conscious awakening is inevitable.

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1. Stop Talking Shit to Yourself (Please)

For the Universe’s sake… stop talking smack to yourself! There is no faster way to dampen your vibes than to think negative thoughts about you.

Truly conscious people are their own best friends; they always look for the best in themselves so that they can do the same to others. And that can only happen when you take control of your inner dialogue. I did that by practicing affirmations.

I didn’t think that my inner dialogue was all that bad… but my crappy life said otherwise. So I adopted a morning-and-night affirmation practice, and pumped myself with thoughts like these:

I am valuable, worthy, disciplined, responsible, patient, good, courageous, successful, resilient, etc…

And like a rock thrown into a pond brings up dirt and grime from the bottom, the affirmations did the same to my thoughts. For the first time I became aware of all the “loser!” and “failure!” and “worthless!” thoughts that had been on repeat ever since childhood. And it was hard, but I consciously unlearned the unconscious trash-talk that had dictated my life. Consistent affirmations made all the difference.

Start your own affirmations practice today. It’s a small but incredibly important part of freeing your mind. Use the sample affirmations above, and add thirty affirmations you need most. For example, I’d always considered myself irresponsible and incapable. So I affirmed the opposite.

Try it out. It’ll feel silly at first — especially when you do it in front of the mirror, which doubles the effect. But if you stay consistent, you’ll consciously change the way you think and live.

2. Move On From The Downer Friends

You know that friend who knows everything about the cabal, and always has some new and frightening fact about the New World Order? For me, that was Gabe.

Gabe would blow your mind with his factoids and research. He was clearly brilliant. But the man still lived with his family, he was stuck in an endless series of slave jobs, and he had to smoke pot just to feel okay.

After getting some distance from Gabe, I realized that he hadn’t helped me become a more successful or inspired version of me. And, more than that, his influence made me feel better about still living at home, which had wrecked my confidence. I had to consciously let him go. And I did the same for several similar friends.

I promised myself to befriend only the people who were positive and inspired, and who were living to their potential. And in the two years since, I’ve become independent through my passions. Now I have money to give, and skills that actually make a difference in other people’s lives. My friend selection made all the difference.

“You are the average of your five closest friends.”

– Jim Rohn

So think hard about your friends, and about the real impact they have on your consciousness. If they aren’t living inspired lives and inspiring others through their passions, can you really expect to do those things in their company?

You won’t immediately get those inspired friends — that takes time. But it’s like George Washington said: “Prefer solitude to bad company.”

3. Emancipate Yourself From Financial Slavery*

Slave jobs are the most unconscious habit of all. Your being there and doing everything you hate for people you despise tells yourself that you can’t do better — and that’s a lie! It’s the opposite of conscious awakening.

But the second you commit to revealing your potential, and to doing the work required to make money through your passions, your slave job loses its grip on your consciousness. Then you start seeing more possibilities. Then you start believing in yourself. Then you start becoming what you were meant to be, and creating more awareness through your economic success. And before you know it, you won’t have to go to a slave job just to live.

Money is not evil — even if it technically is debt slavery, in its current form. It’s the love of money that brings down your vibes. But when you make a lot of money doing what you really love, and you love giving your money away, your conscious impact increases exponentially. At least that’s what happened to me.

I had relegated myself to cashier jobs, waiting, washing dishes, and, in the later stages, writing for the man. I hated them all equally. And that hate closed my eyes to the infinite possibility around me. But when I made the goal of writing about what I loved, and of coaching people to spiritual and financial success, I broke the 9-5 hate cycle for good. And within a year, I was fully independent, doing what I loved and helping people love their lives.

If you could escape your slave job, what would you do? I suggest setting goals and taking little steps toward those goals every day of your life. Use your discontent as the fuel for doing what you really love.

*Yes, I ripped that heading from Bob Marley’s “Redemption Song.”


If you’ve considered yourself enlightened, but your life says otherwise, you’ve got some unconscious habits standing in the way. You’ve got work to do.

View the original article: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2017/06/15/3-habits-keeping-you-from-awakening-your-consciousness/

The bulk of my conscious awakening has come through ceasing unconscious habits and replacing them with inspired living. And if you accept only positive thoughts from yourself, and hang around inspired people, and work your tail off to get in the job you love, you’ll have the conscious life you’ve always dreamed about.

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