8 big reasons Apple should let Mac OS X onto the PC

As an IT professional by day, it’s a question that has confounded me for some time. I’ve tossed it around in my technical circles, trying to get a feel for what true reasons exist for Apple’s double standard when it comes to not allowing OS X onto other platforms — but gladly allowing Windows to run natively via Boot Camp.

How come Apple doesn’t allow PC users to install and run OS X on the hardware of their choice?

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I know very well there are business reasons it doesn’t allow it. And I also know that the company has legal restrictions in place to prevent it from happening as well. But that doesn’t answer the why of what I’m digging at; financial and legal restraints are merely artificial boundaries for something that is otherwise quite feasible, as I’ll prove below.

Apple makes a lot of money on the hardware it sells with each OS X system, and it is a corporation, so 2+2 here makes sense. It has a moral obligation to shareholders to maximize profits for the business. And as such, it has constructed licensing legalese to help keep the kingdom of Apple computers strong.

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But I wanted to step back and take a more holistic, almost philosophical approach to this debate. One that takes into account consumer choice, hardware innovation, technical feasibility, and other points of interest that may or may not have been tossed around.

So that I can get it out in the open, I’ll fully admit my curiosity on this subject stems from my own personal objections for why I have never purchased an Apple computer. Some would come to the conclusion that this makes me an Apple hater, but that’s merely a convenient way for Apple loyalists to paint me as someone who doesn’t have any merit to my opinion. How wrong they are.

I’m a tinkerer at heart, and can’t stand the closed nature of the hardware around Apple’s computers. Likewise, I’ve never been satisfied with the limited choice Apple affords buyers of its computers. It has always adhered to a Henry Ford-esque mentality when it comes to choice, and it goes against my every grain of consumer free will in gravitating towards more options, not less.

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