A good looking lunar anomaly – 2017

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    Yup the ganging up start’s, I have seen these before as well and they are interesting, I do NOT believe they are fake but I DO believe NAZA sorry NASA forget where von braun came from – DOES touch up many of there images and now these day’s has sophisticated technology to make certain that you will never see some of the many artifact’s that ARE on the moon.

    And to onebigmonkeytoo
    Sorry Monkey dude we are not all in the same tree here and all I can say is have a banana on me – not literally on me I am not that kind of person and happen to look more like a silver back gorilla than you probably do as well.



    And don’t try to claim NASA is civilian it is overseen by the pentagon and CIA among other’s.

    Even if these are just some wierd natural features like for example collapsed lava tubes – incomprehensible running under a crater or part’s of old plate fissures exposed by an impact they are still interesting and I have no doubt that even some natural features have fallen foul of the AIR BRUSH MONKEY’s, hmm MONKEY’s remember that whom famously obscured detail’s in many lunar images.

    Hey this is just a boulder rolling down a hill now isn’t it.


    Or is it a deteriorated ancient machine or vehicle of some kind, perhaps not ancient just badly obscured and actually much more recent sitting on the lunar surface at the time of the Apollo mission’s.

    It can only be one or the other.

    Sorry not you but I am sick and tired of all the – IT’s JUST A ROCK claim’s which are actually becoming untenable as far as a very great many of us are concerned.

    Oh yeah and NAZA does not bomb thing’s to hide the truth do they, oh hold on a moment they do don’t they.

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