A New Theory About The Stonehenge Just Went Public – But Do People Believe It?

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    There are many mysteries of our true origins and of ancient civilizations from long ago that we are often reminded of as they are still standing on our planet today. It’s difficult to ignore these amazing monuments, but even more so not to ponder what they were used for and even more curiously how they got there. Perhaps, these simply serve as powerful reminders that there were very advanced civilizations that existed long ago and that they all had some sort of affinity with the stars and planetary alignments.

    While in some instances, there are official stories that claim to have the answers as to how these monuments were formed such as the Great Pyramids of Giza and Machu Picchu of Peru, Stonehenge is one that remains a great mystery. Recently a Welsh scientist, claims that his theory could explain exactly how the large monolithic stones that were used to construct Stonehenge could have got there in the first place.

    What Has Been The Hardest Part To Figure Out?

    Up until now what has left scientists the most baffled in regards to Stonehenge is how the heck they got those massive stones from Wales over to England to be assembled in the first place. They have confirmed that those stones do not exist anywhere near where they were erected, so this has posed a great mystery for centuries.

    Recently, Welsh Earth scientist, Dr. Brian John has published a book, “The Stonehenge Bluestones,” which dives deep in to the argument that the architects of Stonehenge actually didn’t have to lift a finger to get those stones across the ocean.

    John even goes as far as to call this theory of mobilizing the stones straight up mythological. He explains,

    Over the past 50 years there has been a drift, in Stonehenge studies, from science toward mythology. This has been driven partly by constant media demands for new and spectacular stories about the monument.

    John has been a long-term skeptic of the transportation of the stones idea. He even co-authored a report in 2015, which argued that what was believed to be evidence of Neolithic quarrying of bluestones in Wales was actually an entirely natural process.

    This has been driven partly by constant media demands for new and spectacular stories about the monument, and partly by the archaeological emphasis on impact. So we see an obsession with narrative at the expense of evidence, and a host of newly manufactured myths, which are even more wacky than the old ones. It’s time for a cool reassessment.

    Was There Significance To The Use Of Bluestones?

    Because the previous theories suggest that the bluestones simply had to be hauled over to erect Stonehenge, there has been a level of huge importance given to these massive stones, but according to John, there was actually nothing special about these stones aside from the fact that they were there to begin with.

    The image below shows exactly which stones are the Bluestones that came from Wales,

    John’s theory argues that a glacier carved it’s way across Wales around half a million years ago and ultimately picked up loose bluestones along the way, eventually this glacier left these stones on the Salisbury Plain, the exact site of the Stonehenge monument. By the time the planet warmed up again, which we have seen throughout history – a natural rising and falling of the planet’s temperature, the ice melted away and voila – Welsh bluestones on the Salisbury Plain!

    He believes there is no convincing evidence to date that can explain any quarrying operations in the bluestone outcrops of Pembrokeshire to the Neolithic. What is being taken and presented, as evidence could very well simply be the result of natural processes, he insists.

    Interesting Theory…

    When the Neolithic farming communities of centuries ago decided to build ginormous sundials to mark the passage of the year and mark the different stages of tilling the soil, all they had to do was use what was available. Now, this still doesn’t necessarily explain how they were able to erect these stones, but if we had all of these answers this wouldn’t be as exciting of a mystery, now would it?

    The theory above is interesting, but for me it’s hard to believe. Perhaps the truth regarding how the Stonehenge came to be, along with many other ancient world mysteries, is far more magical and mysteries than we could have ever imagined. Perhaps they deal with concepts that open our minds up to new concepts of reality? Who knows, just speculating here..

    What Do You Think?

    Have you ever looked into or studied the many mysteries of the Stonehenge? What are some conclusions that you may have come to in terms of what its true meaning and purpose is? What about it’s origins? We want to know from you, let us know your thoughts over in the Collective Evolution Group.

    View the original article: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2018/05/15/a-new-theory-about-how-the-stonehenge-just-went-public-but-do-people-believe-it/

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