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After Math: When you come undone

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    A lot: That’s how much harder it will be for the US to ever extradite Julian Assange from his spider hole in the Ecuadorian Embassy located in London now that a UK court has ruled that his webiste constitutes a media organization.

    Stack of ether coins or ethereum on gold background to illustrate blockchain and cyber currency

    $1.8 million: That’s how much Ethereum cryptocurrency armed robber, Louis Meza, tried to make off with in Manhattan before being arrested. He would have been better off by just hacking his way into the system and decrypting the mainframe.

    Bitcoin surrounded by various world coins

    $17,589: That’s how much Bitcoin is currently worth for virtually no reason whatsoever beyond that a bunch of speculators are telling everybody else it is. The wise investment: Emu ranching.

    $52 billion: That’s how much Disney bought 21st Century Fox for because why not. Not like there were enough media monopolies in existence as it was. But hey, now at least we can look forward to a Beast from Beauty and the Beast and Beast from X-Men buddy cop movie in three years time. Won’t that be fun.

    30 years: That’s how long AOL Instant Messenger managed to hold out in spite of the crushing march of technological progress.

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    2 million: That’s the number of forged comments supporting the rollback of Net Neutrality the FCC received, which Chairman Pai leveraged to support his campaign against the regulations. Isn’t that convenient.

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    Tesla: Workplace safety, unions and the color yellow Musk, and his car company's management, have such a deep — and now well-established — repulsion to the idea of Tesla's employees unionizing that it's ...
    U.S. Takes Third Place in Race for 5G Wireless, China in the Lead A new report from telecommunications research firm Analysys Mason judges the United States to be in third place for the race to establish a nationwide...
    CRTL-Labs’ EEG wristbands may spell the end for keyboards and mice "When your brain wants to go and effect something in these virtual spaces, your brain has to send a signal to your muscle, which has to move your hand...
    Inside BMW’s Autonomous Driving Campus "The idea is that we really have to develop a car today on a highly sophisticated level." We're sitting in the automaker's latest research center buil...
    After Math: The golden age of streaming 30-ish: If you were a fan of cruising the streets of Liberty City while jamming out to the melodious mixes of Vladivostok FM, I've got some bad news....
    Mark Zuckerberg got grilled by Congress. Was it worth it? Mr. Zuckerberg's 10 hours of dodging lawmakers' questions in the proverbial hot seat evoked the internet's best memes about aliens who fool humanity i...

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