The BeanCast™ Marketing Podcast

  • 0454-The BeanCast: The Big PulloutThis Week: Saul Colt, Wendi Cooper, Tristan Louis, and Augie Ray join Bob to discuss Publicis pulling out of ad shows, the over-focus on creativity, the stats on gender in ads, the Uber leadership shakeup, plus this week's #AdFail5.
  • 0453-The BeanCast: Et Tu, Delta?This Week: Bill Bock, Saul Colt, and Mike Rigby join Bob to discuss McKinsey's new metric for creativity effectiveness, Amazon vs Walmart, when arts sponsorships go wrong, the future of Olympic ad deals, plus this week's #AdFail5.
  • 0452-The BeanCast: More Sketchy StudiesThis Week: Emily Binder, William Bock, Saul Colt, and Craig Hodges join Bob to discuss Facebooking during commericials, what's blocking people-based marketing, Cannes voting blocs, brand takeovers on social, plus this week's #AdFail5.
  • 0451-The BeanCast: The Controversy EpisodeThis Week: David Burn, Rachel Hammerman, and Alan Wolk join Bob to discuss what to do about advertising sexism, walking the political divide in branding, the potential for podcasting, Google connecting online to offline, plus this week's #AdFail5.
  • 0450-The BeanCast: Grimace Was His Real FatherThis Week: Saul Colt, Dan Goldgeier, and Peter Shankman join Bob to discuss TV's identity crisis, the biggest news from Google I/O, IoT legal landmines, the wisdom of social media as a career choice, plus this week's #AdFail5.
  • 0449-The BeanCast: Perfect For Mother's DayThis Week: Saul Colt, Michelle Excell, and David Spark join Bob to discuss Amazon's growing threat to search, the Vivendi/Havas merger, the impact of everyday influencers, untapped opportunities in weed marketing, plus this week's #AdFail5.
  • 0448-The BeanCast: My Secret SauceThis Week: Rose Cameron, Saul Colt, Lisa Laporte, Scott Monty, and John J. Wall join Bob to discuss evolving the New Fronts, Facebook's over-reliance on ads, viral overload, SnapChat's self-serve ad platform, plus this week's
  • 0447-TheBeanCast: Like a NASCAR Stock CarThis Week: Saul Colt, Colin Glaum, Jonathan Sackett, and Hal Thomas join Bob to discuss the impact of shunning programmatic, Instagram's growing impact, Google's long-game for Google+, video insights through A.I., plus this week's #AdFail5.
  • 0446-The BeanCast: A.I. or B.S.
  • 0445-The BeanCast: Okay, GoogleThis Week: David Burn, Saul Colt, Aaron Strout, and Alan Wolk join Bob to discuss digital misalignment, an ad blocking super weapon, BK playing with voice activation, whether the Pepsi ad was actually appreciated, plus this week's #AdFail5.

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