Best of DiscloseTV is a fast growing multimedia and news hub dedicated to unusual and unexplained phenomena as well as alternative topics that may be ignored, denied or inadequately covered within the mainstream media – the first and already largest of its kind. Hidden Truth Revealed – Secrets Declassified – Mysteries Decoded As the world becomes increasingly complex, it can be more and more difficult to gain true insight into what is really happening at times. In an information age dominated by big corporate media driven opinion, is a unique pool of unfiltered video, photo and audio footage and a source for alternative breaking news that can be drawn upon to extrapolate a sometimes general, but a more often startlingly vivid picture of what is actually taking place. Challenging Paradigms – Scientific Anomalies – Unexplained Phenomena Many of the videos, photos and podcasts uploaded on have been banned from the mainstream media because of their challenging, controversial and often mind-boggling nature. That alone can only mean one thing: provides you hours and hours of rare and in many cases genuine research footage that many do not want you to see! advocates the freedom of humans for evolutionary self-determination, through revealing all hidden secrets that have been purposely and unlawfully concealed or simply have been forgotten by modern mankind over time. Enter a new world, with new understanding, a new reality… Contribute to and join the fast growing community, invite your friends, spread the word about and help to disclose the truth by uploading your unique footage now! READ MORE:

John Lenard Walson’s Machines up in Space… Fake or Real?

Hello This is my first post on but I thought you might find this interesting with regards to John Lenard Walson.I was so intrigued by his story that I bought a 8" telescope to have a look for myself. I can truely see how Mr.Walson got his video's and ... Read More

History to be rewritten? Temple found dating back 9000 B.C.

Fri Sep 12, 2008 7:30 pm Interesting!The creation of man and/or life on earth is relyant on the question of ... Read More


And God said: "Let us make man in our image and likeness ..." In 2006, an unknown American director of ... Read More

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