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A sober, fact-based analysis from researchers has debunked hysterical reactions to recent devastating hurricanes that sought to attribute these phenomena to man-made global warming. “Man-made warming did not cause Harvey and Irma,” writes economist and environmental expert Nicolas Loris. “As carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gas emissions have increased, there […]

Climate Realists Strike Back: No Blaming Harvey and Irma on ...

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) officials wrote a scathing press release, contending that the Associated Press’s (AP) Michael Biesecker wrote an incredibly misleading story regarding the EPA’s cleanup efforts during Hurricane Harvey. The Associated Press wrote an article suggesting that the EPA did not take adequate steps to safeguard Superfund sites, or […]

Fake News: AP Writes Misleading Article about EPA’s Cleanup Efforts ...

New media reports blame climate change for the “unprecedented disaster” unfolding in Houston, alleging that climate change-related factors undoubtedly “worsened the flooding.” Never missing an opportunity to preach of the evils of climate change, the UK-based Guardian newspaper claims that the Houston storm surge “was half a foot higher than […]

Eco-Alarmists Tie Hurricane Harvey Damage to ‘Climate Change’

by James Delingpole24 Aug 20170 24 Aug, 201724 Aug, 2017 Meteorologist Roy Spencer has written a book which fact-checks Al Gore’s latest climate-disaster-porn movie An Inconvenient Sequel. Spoiler alert: Gore’s scaremongering ‘facts’ are all inconveniently untrue. Spencer, a principal research scientist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, begins his […]

Delingpole: Al Gore’s ‘An Inconvenient Sequel’ – Fact-Checked…

Jerry Brown’s choo-choo, er, high-speed train was already going nowhere fast even at an astronomical cost, but now the California governor is finding out that his “bullet train” might be going nowhere, period. Brown’s latest opposition, ironically, came from his own side of the political spectrum–California’s well-funded and ultra-aggressive environmentalists. […]

Progressives Fight Civil War over California’s High-Speed Train to Nowhere

Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) has been caught red handed erasing record-breaking cold temperatures from its data records. The BOM has now been shamed by media investigations into ordering a review of its procedures. But it has yet to provide an explanation as to why it made these “adjustments” first place. These […]

Delingpole: Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology Caught Erasing Record Low Temperatures

“It’s never been harder to be a climate scientist,” claims a heartrending piece in New Republic. Climate scientists working directly for the Trump administration are the most affected. A report published last week by the Union of Concerned Scientists describes a “culture of fear” as government scientists are gagged, sidelined, or fired, […]

Delingpole: ‘It’s Never Been Harder to Be a Climate Scientist’. ...

California Governor Jerry Brown told a committee hearing last Thursday that extending his legacy cap-and-trade program was necessary to respond to “a threat to organized human existence” — namely, climate change. The Los Angeles Times reported that Brown “cast his new plan to fight climate change as essential to the fate of American democracy […]

Jerry Brown: ‘Organized Human Existence’ at Stake in Cap-and-Trade Bill

Germany has ‘massively weakened’ its climate action plan for next week’s G20 summit in Hamburg in order to appease Donald Trump. According to a shocked report in the green, EU-linked propaganda outlet Climate Change News this represents a disastrous cultural surrender which  “….shows the degree to which the German presidency has bent to […]

Delingpole: Germany Surrenders to Trump, Waters Down G20 Climate Plan ...

ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP/Getty Images by James Delingpole20 Jun 20170 20 Jun, 201720 Jun, 2017 The ‘Pause’ in global warming is real and the computer models predicting dramatically increased temperatures have failed. This is the shocking admission of a paper published this week in Nature Geoscience. It’s shocking because the paper’s lead author is […]

Delingpole: The Pause in Global Warming Is Real, Admits Climategate ...

The CEO of outdoor clothing giant Patagonia is burnishing her anti-Republican bona fides again, this time saying she intends to pledge her entire company to the “resistance” of President Donald Trump. Patagonia CEO Rose Marcario recently attacked President Trump for his statements about rolling back President Obama’s unusually aggressive campaign […]

Outdoor Clothing Giant Patagonia Pledging to Lead Resistance to Trump