Charm Your Friends and Family with this Studio Ghibli Gift Guide

Studio Ghibli’s animation and imagination have been charming us for decades. We’ve connected with its stories and characters, but more importantly, its art. It’s immediately recognizable, therefore making its characters and settings even more iconic. If you have a Ghibli fan in your life that you need to buy gifts for this holiday season, you can bring the art into their homes on various merchandise.

The Collected Works of Hayao Miyazaki


It would make quite a dent in your wallet, but if you have the money to spare, and have a hardcore Ghibli fan in your life, you can’t do better than getting them a copy of just about every significant film directed by Hayao Miyazaki. You get copies of Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro, Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind, Castle in the Sky, My Neighbor Totoro, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Porco Rosso, Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, Howl’s Moving Castle, Ponyo, and The Wind Rises. See? Every one. Each movie comes with two audio tracks, so you don’t have to listen to the sometimes mediocre English dubs that Disney put out.

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$195.99 on Amazon, buy it here.

Box of six Ghibli key chains


Can’t decide what key chain to get a Ghibli fan? Just like when you can’t decide which movie to purchase, you can just get a lot of them and let them choose. Variety is the spice of life. Amazon sells boxes of six, featuring totoros, soot sprites, and Porco Rossos. It also gives you backups, if you happen to break or lose one. One more random fact in this gift’s favor: as someone with a plushy thing on the end of my keychain, it’s also helpful if your keychain tends to get lost in your bag.

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$20.90 and $21 on Amazon. Buy them here or here.

My Neighbor Totoro throw pillow case


Granted, you have to purchase the pillow separately, but this throw pillow case can bring color to any room. The watercolor design is subtle enough that it won’t get in the way of any other decor, and you still get to express your love for a cuddly neighborhood Totoro. Plus, you can take naps on it, which is exactly what a Totoro is for.

$4.45 plus $3.99 shipping on Amazon, buy it here.

Studio Ghibli poster set


Speaking of home decor, the easiest way to decorate is to add some art to those blank walls. HelenPrint is an Etsy shop that produces lovely, minimalist prints depicting a lot of your favorite characters from a number of pop culture franchises, and Ghibli is no exception. This set includes prints from Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and, of course, My Neighbor Totoro (a lot of the items on this list are Totoro themed. Must be popular).

Starting at $15 on Etsy, buy it here.

Howl’s Moving Castle pancake pan

Untitled design (44)

Fan favorite Calcifer from Howl’s Moving Castle was practically created to be on merchandise. He’s a little ball of flame, so including him on a frying pan seems even more obvious. The indentation in the pan only really works for pancakes, and it’s too small to be used for anything else, but it makes for some really cool-looking pancakes

$33.50 on Amazon, buy it here.

Soot sprite slippers


Keep cozy in the winter in front of the fire in your own soot sprite slippers. For the holidays, where it’s bound to get cold in most places, giving the gift of warmth is recommended. To also make that warmth adorable and topped with an iconic Ghibli creature is only a plus. These slippers come in one size, so make sure the person you’re getting them for has the appropriate-sized feet, or with an adult US size of 6-9.

$14.19 on Amazon, buy it here.

Studio Ghibli music box


One of our favorite things to do for the holidays is look on Etsy for homemade, unique, sometimes nerdy gifts for our friends and family. They tend to be more expensive, but you do tend to get some unexpected surprises. Etsy dealer CICADA0SNAIL makes these wooden music boxes. This specific one has an engraving of Totoro and comes with a Ghibli theme song of your choice punched out on a piece of paper (the difference in price depends on what song you choose). Musicians in your life can also make their own music on the paper, since the box comes with a hole punch and three meters of blank paper.

From $57 on Etsy, buy it here.

Totoro bento box


Anime fans typically like two things in their gifts: something related to one of their favorite series and something from Japanese culture. A bento box painted with Totoro figures combines both. Bento boxes can hold lunches like a typical lunch box, but allow the packer to separate certain foods and are more compact than a typical cooler. Use it for picnics, going to school, going to work, or going into the woods to find spirits.

$13 on Amazon, buy it here.

Studio Ghibli-inspired clock


Okay so this clock doesn’t actually tell time, but it makes for a cute and unique wall decoration. Each point on the clock contains a different Ghibli reference, some more obvious than others, and can remind you of certain things to remember throughout your day. Be sure not to turn into a cat at midnight and at 10:00, practice your flying.

$15 on Etsy, buy it here.

Totoro pens


These Totoro pens come in four different styles, one which includes a Totoro holding a No Face mask, and that might be the cutest thing we’ve ever seen. They’re small and inexpensive, so they’ll be good for a gift flourish or a small gift of its own.

$2.30 per pen on Etsy, buy it here.

Kiki’s Delivery Service cup and pitcher set


The cups are small, but if you want to have an adorable, outdoor tea party or picnic with just the right hint of Ghibli charm, you can buy this pitcher and cup set. They all stack together for easy storage and come in a variety of bright colors, which makes them good for kids and adults. As long as they like Ghibli and Kiki’s Delivery Service, this’ll be a good gift.

$16 on Amazon, buy it here.

Howl’s Moving Castle by Diana Wynne Jones


This gift seems obvious. Get somebody the book that the film Howl’s Moving Castle was based on. However, not many people have read this young adult novel by Diana Wynne Jones, which the film was only loosely adapted from. It’s like getting a whole new adventure, while you also learn more about the world that Sophie and Howl live in.

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$6.01 in paperback on Amazon, buy it here.

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