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Chelsea Handler: NRA-Funded Republicans Have ‘Blood On Hands’ after Florida School Shooting

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    While news was still coming in on the heinous Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting Wednesday, Chelsea Handler lashed out at Republicans who have received funding from the NRA, claiming they have “blood on [their] hands.”

    The attack on the Florida high school resulted in 17 deaths, and was allegedly carried out by a former student.

    Handler reacted to the attack by tweeting:

    Her tweet did not suggest what the NRA or Republicans had done to contribute to the occurrence of a school shooting.

    The NRA’s position since Sandy Hook Elementary has been clear–we need to protect our children as we protect our banks, our jewelry, and our pro sporting events. Namely, via good guys with guns. Yet Democrats and their gun control surrogates have fought to keep teachers unarmed and to preserve gun-free zones, which are only gun-free until a criminal shows up with a firearm.

    Even with school resource officers, as Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School reportedly had, a dedicated criminal who knows the campus can work his way into a classroom where an armed teacher would be the only line of defense.

    Handler’s war on the NRA and pro-Second Amendment Republicans is ultimately a war on guns in general. It is a war that ignores the fact that gun control weakens the position of the law-abiding while strengthening the position of the criminally-minded.

    The Netflix talk show host was just one of numerous celebrities to react to the attack. Below, find more reaction from Hollywood to Wednesday’s events.

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