CNN’s Acosta: I’m Fair and Objective – What Trump Says About Different Faiths and Races ‘Cause Me Great Concern’

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    On Tuesday’s “Hugh Hewitt Show,” CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta stated he is objective, fair, and neutral with regards to President Trump and what President Trump has said “about people of different faiths, people of different races, immigrants coming into this country, about journalists, cause me great concern.”

    Acosta said he didn’t vote in the last election, or any election where he covered a major presidential candidate.

    Hewitt later asked Acosta, “Are you, Jim Acosta, neutral, fair, and objective regarding Donald Trump?”

    Acosta answered, “I think I am. I think I am very tough.”

    He later added, “I think if you look at my coverage on a daily basis, if you look at the coverage at CNN on a daily basis, it is very fair. But it is also –, it is very tough. And it is because, in part, we have a president that we’re covering these days who is very tough on us. I think, Hugh, I think –.”

    Hewitt then cut Acosta off to ask, “You don’t like him because he’s mean to you?”

    Acosta answered, “I don’t much care whether the President likes, dislikes, or whatever.”

    Hewitt then asked Acosta if he likes the president. Acosta answered that he doesn’t know the president well enough to like him. Hewitt then asked if Acosta admires the president.

    Acosta answered, “I think, Hugh, what he has said about people of different faiths, people of different races, immigrants coming into this country, about journalists, cause me great concern. I am concerned about what’s happening to America. I think America is changing. I think we are becoming a country that is not as welcoming to immigrants anymore. You have a president just last week who was retweeting anti-Muslim videos. That causes great harm to the Muslim-American community in this country, who are law-abiding, faithful, yet patriotic people in this country. And it’s sad that they are denigrated in that fashion.”

    He added, “You have communities, immigrant communities who are living in fear that they’re going to be rounded up, based solely on the color of their skin. I’m talking about the Latino community in this country. Because the Latino community in this country has been demonized. You have reporters who are basically working in a climate of fear right now. Because out on the campaign trail, at rallies, while he was a candidate, and while he’s president of the United States, he has repeatedly savaged the news media, repeatedly referred to the press as fake news, called them the enemy of the people. I remember out on the campaign trail, he called us disgusting, dishonest, liars, scum, demons.”

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