CNN’s Acosta: Trump WH ‘Has an Unhealthy Fixation’ on ‘the Three Ms, the Mexicans, the Muslims, and the Media’

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    On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNN’s “Situation Room,” CNN Senior White House Correspondent Jim Acosta argued that the White House has an obsession with Mexicans, Muslims, and the media and tends to base policy around bashing one of those groups.

    Acosta responded to a question on why immigrants to the US knowing English before they got to the US is such an important part of the new policy by saying, “I think at times, this White House has an unhealthy fixation on what I call the three Ms, the Mexicans, the Muslims, and the media. Their policies tend to be crafted around bashing one of those three groups, and we just see it time and time again. And today, on immigration, what the White House is essentially saying, in a wink and a dog whistle, to some these battleground states that they won, is that, immigrants coming in from Latin America are taking your jobs. Wolf, immigration is not the reason why the factory closed in Pittsburgh or the coal mine was shut down in West Virginia. The people who are struggling in those states, they need policies that will help get them out of this mess that they’ve been for a generation, where a lot of communities have been left behind.”

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