Co-op VR Space Survival Game ‘From Other Suns’ Now Available – Launch Trailer


From Other Suns has been one of the more anticipated Oculus titles since its announcement earlier this year. Today the co-op space survival game launched on the Oculus store priced at $40, and a new launch trailer shows you what to expect.

From Other Suns is a co-op survival FPS set in space, and clearly draws inspiration from 2012 indie hit FTL: Faster Than Light. While the latter is a top-down strategy game tasking you with keeping your ship in tact and your crew alive as you make FTL jumps across the universe, From Other Suns in VR takes things into a first-person perspective, adding an elements of first-person shooting, navigation, and physical inventory management. And while Faster Than Light is single-player only, From Other Suns offers co-op with up to three players.

A new launch trailer for the game has cropped up which highlights the game’s action, but also the potential for comedy when players make their own improvised fun, either by roll-playing or trolling each other for laughs.

Image courtesy Gunfire Games

In our review of From Other Suns, Road to VR’s Scott Hayden finds:

‘From Other Suns’ might be too brutal for the casual weekender going solo, but its ability to provide online multiplayer significantly changes the amount of fun you’ll have. While not as immersive and detailed as we’d hoped, the game presents a fairly solid shooting experience and hectic ship resource management to pump up the adrenaline. However you play, you’ll need to be determined to bang your head against the wall until you beat it though, because you can sink hours into it with only a few measly achievements to your name.

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