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    LG’s latest PC monitors bring intense HDR and ultra-wide 5K

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    Amazon patents a drone that delivers a charge to power up EVs on the go

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    Outlook for desktops will behave a lot like the mobile app

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    Israel warned the US about Kaspersky after hacking its network

    So, to sum things up: Israel-linked hackers were watching Russian hackers breach an NSA contractor's computer in real-time using a ... Read More

    Apple extends iTunes movie rentals to 48 hours

    While the new 48-hour rental period is available in the US, we've reached out to Apple to see if it ... Read More

    Congress Is Trying to Shore-up US Cyber Security

    Remember how much digital ink we’ve spilled talking about how bad modern cyber security is? Well! Now Congress is actually ... Read More

    Sophisticated Email Scam Targets Bay Area Home Buyers

    An email scam is targeting home buyers looking to close on properties in the San Francisco Bay Area of California, ... Read More

    WiFi Track Could Dramatically Improve VR

    If you’ve played VR, you know that, while awesome, the technology has some serious draw backs. My eyes sweat, apparently, ... Read More

    U.S. Defense Budget May Fund ‘Hacking for Defense’ Courses at Universities

    AP Photo/Daniel Estrin by Tom Ciccotta26 Jul 2017 26 Jul, 201726 Jul, 2017 The U.S. defense budget may fund “hacking ... Read More