Todoist team offers a less distracting take on Slack

Twist focuses on topic-specific threads within channels, rather than lumping all activity into a single channel. You won't risk distracting from an important project by posting about the upcoming company party, and the whole concept avoids the sense of urgency that comes with live discussions. The service still has real-time conversations, but you have to start them as direct messages -- they're not the default. This might also be your ideal option if you don't like dealing with pings when you're off the clock. There's a "time off" mode (shown above) that silences alerts for a set period and makes ... Read More

Russia’s Election Hacking Was Even Worse Than We Thought

Last week we saw documents released by the Intercept demonstrating substantive Russian intrusion in the proceedings of the 2016 US ... Read More

Meet Crash Override, the Hacker Superweapon

Hackers now have digital weapons that can take out power grids. Take, for example, the collapse of Ukrainian capital Kiev’s ... Read More

Qatar blames current crisis on fake news inserted by hackers

This week a diplomatic crisis hit the Middle East as several countries (Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, ... Read More

Apple Discovers Drugs at WWDC

At its annual developer conference, tech giant and homes of the world’s best corporate dads Apple made a variety of ... Read More

Hacker Vandalizes Harvard Newspaper Site to Troll Mark Zuckerberg

Justin Sullivan/Getty by Tom Ciccotta26 May 20170 26 May, 201726 May, 2017 SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER A hacker took ... Read More

Student Allegedly Hacks School Computer System, Changes Grade

AFP by Lucas Nolan25 May 20170 25 May, 201725 May, 2017 SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER A student at the University ... Read More

Did Brennan Start Russia Investigation Because of Liberal Media Bias?

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER Former CIA director John Brennan testified before the House Intelligence Committee on Tuesday that he ... Read More

‘Shadow Brokers’ threaten to release more hacking tools in June

The threat with the most teeth, however, is the claim that The Shadow Brokers could have more exploits to release, ... Read More

Global ‘Ransomware’ Attack Believed to Be Using Leaked NSA Hacking Tools

KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP/Getty Images by Breitbart Tech12 May 20170 12 May, 201712 May, 2017 SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER (Reuters) — ... Read More

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