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    T-Mobile, AT&T customer account PINs were exposed by website flaws

    As the report mentions, once they find the right one, it could allow someone to take the number and then use it to hijack a victim's SIM card and phone number. Once you have that, it's easy to hack any service that relies on text messages to send two factor-authentication codes as a primary method or backup, which is what we've seen happen to people like @Deray, or owners of a slew of Instagram accounts. That's some of the reasons why, if possible, it's better to use a two-factor system that relies on a code generated by an app, sent ... Read More

    CNN’s Chris Cuomo: Russian ‘Election Hacking’ Is an ‘Act of War’

    On Monday’s edition of CNN’s New Day, Chris Cuomo repeatedly accused the Russian state of waging “war” against America via ... Read More

    No Collusion: Rosenstein Indicts 12 Russians for Hacking, No Americans Involved

    Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein announced the indictment of 12 members of Russian military intelligence Friday for hacking Democrats’ emails ... Read More

    ‘Semblance’ makes history on the Nintendo Switch on July 24th

    After nearly three years of development, Kimani says he's "excited AF" to finally have a release date for Semblance. Now ... Read More

    How France beat Russian meddling (and we could, too)

    This is a song people have been singing for a while — that Trump's completely not-compromised-by-Russia cabinet of crazies has ... Read More

    Is Apple merging iOS and macOS?

    [unable to retrieve full-text content] ... Read More

    LG’s latest PC monitors bring intense HDR and ultra-wide 5K

    Not that the other models are without their perks. The 32-inch 32UK950 you see below is 'just' a 4K display, ... Read More

    Amazon patents a drone that delivers a charge to power up EVs on the go

    A recent Amazon patent could be an answer to range anxiety, albeit one that sounds a bit more sci-fi than ... Read More

    Outlook for desktops will behave a lot like the mobile app

    Mac users may notice the difference the most. This time around, Microsoft is aiming for an "authentically Mac" look instead ... Read More

    Israel warned the US about Kaspersky after hacking its network

    So, to sum things up: Israel-linked hackers were watching Russian hackers breach an NSA contractor's computer in real-time using a ... Read More