The North Korea scam

I find it suspicious that such a small and vulnerable country continues to taunt the world.Fly missile tests over Japan .. really?Would a small and vulnerable country really do that? Is that smart?-----What if under-the-table deals have been made between North Korea and the secret government which includes the Western World and Japan?How much money in defense expenditure can be justified with such a threat? .. Billions? Trillions of dollars?I thinks so.I even find suspicious a similar situation in the past, when Japan engaged in the Pacific Wars against Western territories during World War 2.Would a small and vulnerable country ...
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The Hindu Religion is Racist

The point of this thread is to expose Hinduism as a racist religion that justifies social hierarchy based on a persons's skin colour.The Hindu scriptures known as the "Vedas" typically portray the Hindu gods as being blonde and fair skinned. "...hadst pleasure in their lauds, O Indra golden-haired."- [Rig Veda 10] " [Agni] With flame for hair: to him we seek."- [Rig Veda 3] " Men call on thee whose hair is flame [Agni], to be the bearer of their gifts."- [Rig Veda 1] " O Surya with the golden-haired , ascend for us day after day." - [Rig Veda ...
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Has it really been 16 years?

originally posted by: ausernameI'm curious, how are your memories holding up? Vividly - I watched it live on Foxtel (CNN, Fox, MSNBC, CBS, BBC, Sky) just after the first plane hit and stayed up all night until I went to work the following morning then again that night after work - I did this for weeks and months. I remember seeing the plane hit the 2nd tower on live TV and footage of the smoke billowing from the Pentagon and debris in a field in Shanksville.Weird story: Osama bin Laden was named before the 2 planes flown by Saudis (took ...
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You Are Brainwashed – Is There No Escape?

As I was studying the chemistry of how metals react with other elements, I decided I need to go tell everyone something a bit more important. I'll try to make this brief because there is a lot to this so I'll cut to the chase.You and I, and indeed the average ATSer who likely believes themselves to be the upper echelon of the intellectual elite of this world, are clearly just as easy to brainwash as the typical person who does not ponder so many topics.As you peel back the layers of the conspiracy to control the minds and behaviors ...
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This Mysterious Military Spy Plane Has Been Flying Circles Over Seattle For Days

Good Afternoon ATSJust found this article linked from Drudge and thought to bring it hereWhat do you think they are doing?Training or something more?I'm really hoping some of our members will chime in.... thanks A very unique USAF surveillance aircraft has been flying highly defined circles over Seattle and its various suburbs for nine days now. Nobody at the DoD seems to know who the aircraft belongs to or what exactly it is doing flying so many missions over the Seattle area. But based on its visibly exotic configuration, and information collected by open source flight tracking websites, we can ...
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Brit Police told me Diana was MURDERED

a reply to: EvilAxis [The] death of Princess Diana may have its nexus more to the ambulance ride and the treatment during that ride than to the accident itself. With billions of people throughout the planet interested in her death and the cause thereof, it is a deep mystery of why the focus of investigators and media circumvent this critical area of inquiry, which paradoxically seemed to be a mystery to the French Interior Minister and the Police Chief of Paris as well. Our mystery ties in as to why a VIP may have been traveling without a police escort ...
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John Lenard Walson’s Machines up in Space… Fake or Real?

Hello This is my first post on but I thought you might find this interesting with regards to John Lenard Walson.I was so intrigued by his story that I bought a 8" telescope to have a look for myself. I can truely see how Mr.Walson got his video's and how possible this is with the right knowledge and equipment.I must say I was Truely amazed by the amount of objects moving around in the sky at night which you cannot see with the naked eye.My video is boring compared to Mr.Walson's quality but I'm hoping to get better when ...
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History to be rewritten? Temple found dating back 9000 B.C.

Fri Sep 12, 2008 7:30 pm Interesting!The creation of man and/or life on earth is relyant on the question of our environment. Space is of physics as defined by our extrapulation based on too few facts at the moment (though our scientific investigations have made seemingly great strides to uncover those mysteries) and at it's basic level, so are we as life (as we know it). The delema is that, though we (our chemastry) is of physics, we can't (as of Yet) determine the catylist responsible for the chain of chemical reactions that were necessary to form life that would ...
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Cautiously Trying To Come To A Conclusion

I have a feeling this will get long so for your convenience I will use titles and give you an index.You're welcome to discuss whichever part you feel needs discussion I will answer it all, I promise. Because I accept and respect you are a living being in front of a screen, you have reason to feel that way about certain things I say. You have a right to feel about certain things the way you do.Everybody has someone he owes an apology to. Everybody has someone who owes them an apology.1mind-control2psyops3aliens4language5mythology6consciousness7the essence8illuminati & urban legends9space10physics11the forces12quantum bs13other dimensions14God and ...
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Technology company microchips staff…It Begins

Technology company microchips has only just began.Yes it’s all voluntary now and is being tested. But this is how it always reaches a critical starting point.The tech company Three Square Market in Wisconsin, USA found 50 out of its 80 employees freely volunteered to be micro-chipped. Doing away with the need for staff to remember swipe cards for clocking in to work, opening doors and even ordering food from the cafeteria. Convenient in a way. Previously most such schemes have resulted in a much lower take up of around 10% or lower. Employees were not keen to have an ...
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