Cult of Saturn alive and well in the modern world

Hello all.. ever wonder what the Kaaba in Mecca is really suppose to be?Don't worry a New World Order, Illuminati kind of group doesn't exist. Not real just a joke nutters came up with because they couldn't get laid. Very sexually unappealing people. /sarcasm What is that anyway? Anyway, that's just another coincidence in a long line of coincidences. I forgot what did the Democrat's do this week? Oh yeah who cares.. it's just a distraction anyway..Theoi Kronos (Cronus) was identified by the Greeks with the Phoenician god of time El Olam (El of Eternal Time), spelt Oulomos in Greek ...
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Rockefeller Conspiracy – Too Many To List

Rockefeller Conspiracy – An Introduction to the Rockefellers Rockefeller Family The Rockefellers are an old family with deep links to the oil industry and many other sectors. They have been accused of conspiracies of all kinds, from Extra-Terrestrial origins to market manipulations to owning the banking system to marijuana prohibition. Perhaps the biggest accusation is the link between the now infamous New World Order and the Rockefellers, in particular, the recently deceased (2016) David Rockefeller, at the age of 101, who died holding the record of the world’s oldest billionaire. Other links have been made between the Rockefellers and the ...
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This Secret Catholic Exorcist Cult in Brazil Is Making a Deal with the Devil

Plinio Correa de Oliveira founded the Tradition, Family and Property Association (TFP) in the 1960's, but died in 1995. The TFP split and one side still retains the TFP name and (I assume) are more or less following the Catholic church. But the other 1/2 is where it gets interesting. Plinio Correa de Oliveira is almost as peculiar in death as he was in life. Dr. Plinio, as he is still known by his devout followers, was a right-wing Catholic figure who founded the ultra conservative Tradition, Family and Property Association, known in Catholic circles as the TFP.In the early ...
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Nuclear Terrorism (Lucky Seven Strike)

(Preface in Parenthesis)God's Intentions of Equal Potential, versus, the amount of Energy he is expending with INRI (Inc*/Rape/Mur*) this is ongoing:1. God's Mercies (Invalidated, too much energy from God)2. Tetrahedron (s) Activation in Universe ("Invalidated, ")3. Global Euthanasia at the 70 year mark (8/21 to 9/23) ("Invalidated, ", versus, God's Interests of trying the last generation)4. "Lucky Seven Strike 8/21 to 9/23", followed by 7 Years before 5 months of Exodus for Limited Geographic Area (s)(Number 4, requires little to no energy from God, there's no plagues or real calamity, back to topic) INRI is an argument specifically for the ...
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Eyewitness shocked at ‘Hologram Sky’ in Jerusalem

About David Icke David Vaughan Icke is an English writer, public speaker, and former media personality best known for his views on what he calls "who and what is really controlling the world". Describing himself as the most controversial speaker and author in the world, he has written many books explaining his position, dubbed "New Age conspiracism", and has attracted a substantial following across the political spectrum. His 533-page The Biggest Secret (1999) has been called the conspiracy theorist's Rosetta Stone ...
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‘Mysterious Waves Of Energy Are Coming Out Of Antarctica’

‘For the third time in a row a mysterious microwave anomaly has been detected by MIMIC (Morphed Integrated Microwave Imagery at CIMSS) coming from the Antarctica region. The first wave anomaly was detected on April 2, 2017. The second wave occurred on May 15, 2017. And on May 26, 2017 just a couple of days ago MIMIC caught a third mysterious wave beaming out of that region. If you make a line down into Antarctica, the path of the wave anomaly crosses the mysterious Princess Elisabeth Station which is situated at the base of pyramid structures. This leaves us to guess ...
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Nikola Teslas Revelation

(In Parenthesis - Doubling the the tragedies of Nikola, as the video reports, the state tried to force a relationship between him and his brother's wife or someone's wife, as it is stated. So that is male rape or a variant of INRI. Then near the end of his life, we find, as it is reported, certain races of people were used repeatedly as assassins, around the time they got the right to drive or something. I see the same behavior now, so this is methodical. Also, this is around the time Tesla developed his death ray weapon, towards the ...
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The Last Supper as Marzeah.

It's strange that the basis for the Last Supper is so little understood, that this should be seen as a Marzeah, the practise of which had been widespread through Semitic lands for at least two thousand years previously, strange also that it is not really understood what was involved.The Marzeah was a private and sacred gathering of 12 individuals led by a 13th the leader of the feast and the role of the given King, the 13 represented Divine archetypes, Strabo described it thus; They – the Nabataeans – prepare common meals together in groups of thirteen persons; and they ...
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Is the God of Genesis 1 El or Yam?

«In the beginning» the Torah is thought to have been written in «scriptio continua» (Latin for continual text/script) i.e. it was written as one long serpent of text. No spaces between the words, no mesora or niqqud diacritics nor punctuation or paragraphs and clauses, only endless rows of syllables, one consonant after the other, from start to end. We don't really know how the syntax of the Torah was supposed to be other than from thoroughly analysing the grammar and orthography, counting different meters and poetic mechanisms applied to the texts and so on. In all honesty, we have no ...
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Fire On MS Scandinavian Star Was Not Sabotage

In April 1990, passenger ferry MS Scandinavian Star en route from Oslo, Norway to Frederikshavn, Denmark caught fire. As a result, 159 people died. A commission of enquiry's report now concludes that the fire was not an act of sabotage! It's a controversial conclusion. Many believe that several fires were started on board by some of the crew, and that the motive was insurance fraud. Initially, a Danish truck driver who also died in the disaster, was blamed for arson, but he was cleared of suspicion in 2014. I can't believe that this disaster was not caused by sabotage. Maybe ...
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