Dennis Prager Says the Fight for Free Speech Online Is ‘the Big Battle’

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    Dennis Prager of Prager University appeared on Breitbart News Daily alongside host Alex Marlow to discuss a number of topics including the censorship of conservatives by tech companies.

    Breitbart News Daily host and Editor-in-Chief of Breitbart News, Alex Marlow, welcomed acclaimed author and radio personality Dennis Prager onto the show this week to discuss Prager’s new book, PragerU and the censorship of conservatives by tech companies. “You have the wonderful Prager University which I think in many ways is a corollary to what we’re doing at Breitbart, at Breitbart we’re just trying to replace media outlets with a conservative media outlet, a newswire, a place where you can get information for a right of center audience, but of course we admit our biases unlike the New York Times and CNN’s of the world,” stated host Alex Marlow.
    Marlow continued: “You guys are doing something similar to the universities with your online Prager University and you’ve been singled out for attacks by YouTube who is owned by Google who we describe as the Masters of the Universe and you have your content hidden behind 18-and-over firewalls, demonetized and you guys have been singled out in a witchhunt I think and it’s been absolutely appalling. And I think this is going to be the big battle for conservative speech in our time and I want to get your thoughts on that.”

    “You’re exactly right, it is the big battle,” replied Dennis Prager. “Because they control speech on Earth more than any other entity ever has been able to, clearly. So this is very scary, the left does not believe in free speech because it doesn’t believe in liberty and it doesn’t believe in competing ideas, it just doesn’t believe in them, it’s not a value, liberty is not a left-wing value. Equality is a left-wing value, there’s a whole host of left-wing values but liberty is not one of them and certainly not free speech, that’s why 48 percent of kids, according to PEW [Research Center], don’t believe in free speech for hate speech.”

    Prager continued: “Which of course is moronic because nobody ever debated free speech for love speech, the whole point of free speech is that what you consider hateful is allowed, and we are at the tip of the iceberg on this issue at Prager University because to argue that Victor David Hansen teaching a five minute course on the Korean war is unfit for young people because of pornography or violence is a fraud. It’s obviously a fraud. Alan Dershowitz, a lifelong liberal and Democrat gives a course on the legal foundations of Israel, that’s on the restricted list of YouTube, I mean give me a break, what is the pornographic nature of the Dershowitz video?”

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    Lucas Nolan is a reporter for Breitbart News covering issues of free speech and online censorship. Follow him on Twitter @LucasNolan_ or email him at

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