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Google Chrome Browser doesn’t honor Certificate Revocation

Been testing out the free “Let’s Encrypt” certificates. I got a certificate for a web site I host. Then I revoked the certificate as one would do if the private key was stolen. However – chrome browser doesn’t do certificate revocation checking. At least it doesn’t for Let’s Encrypt. Firefox ... Read More

HTTPS everywhere sucks!

15 years ago I used to work for the Electronic Frontier Foundation. I’m still a fan and supporter, but sometimes they take really weird positions that is more like a politically correct weird religion cult – and HTTPS Everywhere is an example of that. And they are influencing the web ... Read More

Trump switching parties from Republican to Democrat!

Donald Trump will soon announce that he is switching parties from Republicans to Democrat. Trump is already laying the groundwark and testing the waters for such a switch. In the last week he has: Did a deal with Dems to raise the debt ceiling and avoid a government shutdown. Reversed ... Read More

New iPhone has face recognition

Wow! I didn’t know that current iPhones didn’t have face recognition. Android has had that for years. My HTC 10 has it ... Read More

Hillary Clinton – What (Really) Happened

Hillary’s book is out and I haven’t read it but most everything that when wrong started with email or things that were exposed because of email. Clearly if the Dems hope to win an election they need to run a candidate smart enough to use email correctly. So – writing ... Read More

Irma – might be global warming

In my previous post I said Harvey wasn’t a global warming indicator because it just happened to stall in the wrong spot. However Irma is not only massive but intense. The kind of storm you get when there is global warming. This doesn’t prove anything by itself but bigger and ... Read More

Hurricane Harvey – not a global warming event

Hurricane Harvey was a Category 4 hurricane not unlike every other category 4 hurricane except for one thing. It stalled over Houston and that’s what brought the record rain. So it wasn’t, as climate alarmist would have you believe, global warming. If it stalled ove open water Houston would still ... Read More

Congress should vote against Texas aid

One star is their Yelp rating. With Hurricane Harvey bearing down in Houston, Texas Senator Ted Cruz wants Congress to pass an aid bill to support the people of Texas. But when Hurricane Sandy destroyed the northeast the senators from Texas voted NO on aid for them. The way I ... Read More

Tesla Model 3 – No Dashboard

I’m still wondering if I can get used to not having a dashboard. Very cool minimalistic look. What do you think? ... Read More

Does Trump even know he’s a racist?

I don’t know what’s more offensive, that Trump is a racist or that he’s too stupid to know he’s a racist. He definitely is too stupid to hide it. Or is it a plan to deescalate tensions with North Korea or distract from the Russia investigation? ... Read More

Very Very Weird! My solar collector missing from satellite view

OK – this is very very weird. The above video is the tracking solar collector I built several years ago. It still works BTW. But here’s what’s weird. If you do a satellite view of my house from Google Maps – the collector is gone! However – the collector’s shadow ... Read More

Gore Inconvenient Sequel Conveniently Misleading

I watched Al Gore’s Inconvenient Sequel and I was not impressed. But before I review it I’ll disclose my biases. I’m of the opinion that there is some global warming but that we have more time to fix it than some alarmists would have you believe. There is no tipping ... Read More

Scaramucci Out

I didn’t see that coming. Discuss ... Read More

Tesla Model 3 is coming

Tesla started delivering its Model 3 cars last night. I really like the clean interior look. This is their $35000 car which actually costs more than that in the real world but you would expect that. Still waiting to actually drive one. I was one of those who put $1000 ... Read More

Trump Care is Dead

Trumpcare went down in flames last night. I take back all the bad things I said about McCain. I’m glad McCain will be remembered as the guy who did the right thing rather than the wrong thing. Republicans should rejoice because it puts this behind them. They didn’t want the ... Read More

O.J. Simpson Granted Parole

The Juice is loose! Or will be on October 1st. What will happen next? Is justice served? ... Read More

Marijuana Shortage Prompts Emergency In Nevada

Sales of recreational marijuana have blown past expectations in Nevada, threatening to leave some dispensaries with empty shelves. After Gov. Brian Sandoval endorsed a statement of emergency in the first week of legal sales, regulators are looking to bolster the supply chain. The Nevada Tax Commission is meeting Thursday to ... Read More

The Irony of Trump Jr. and Election Hacking

Nope, you didn’t bag Hillary that time either There’s something insanely ironic about the whole “election hacking” thing and the Trumplett getting into trouble over this. We’ve assassinated foreign leaders, incited riots in far off lands, taught foreigners how to torture for fun and profit, bribed, blackmailed, and killed when ... Read More