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Time asks Trump to take down fake magazine covers

Talk about fake news. Trump makes up fake Time Magazine covers for his golf courses. Time asks him to take them down. What a loser! ... Read More

America – A celebration of Stupidity and Corruption

As we untangle the mess that’s called the 2016 election we see that both parties are a celebration of stupidity and corruption. While we investigate Russian “meddling” in our election we are ignoring that we know from Wikileaks that Hillary cheated in her election with Bernie Sanders and that the ... Read More

Should election tampering probe include Democrats?

Election tampering is being focused on Trump but what about election tampering by Democrats? Wassweman-Shultz rigged the Democratic primary for Hillary as we have learned from leaked emails. We also know that Donna Brazille slipped Hillary questions in advance of a debate with Bernie Sanders. And I fault Hillary for ... Read More

Less than 4 months in office Trump gets special prosecutor

Is too stupid to jail the new excuse for breaking the law? Clearly Trump is guilty of obstructing justice even though he’s too stupid to understand he’s obstructing justice. Trump said he fired Comey to ease pressure on him over the investigations in the same meeting with Russian spies in ... Read More

Trump fires Comey from FBI!

Trump fires Comey. Fixing the election for Trump didn’t work out well for his career. I think we can agree on that ... Read More

Shutdown Countdown

Deadline is Friday night April 28th 2017. Will Dems and Republicans hold it together or will someone knife someone in the back at the last minute? And what will it mean if Trump ends his first 100 days with a shutdown with a Republican congress? The stage is set. The ... Read More

Flynn, Putin, and Green Party candidate Jill Stein at dinner!

It wasn’t just Michael Flynn who me with Putin. Jill Stein is seated at the table too. Stein, if you remember is the Green Party candidate who sucked enough votes away from Hillary to cause Trump to become president. And here she is with Putin. A few weeks after the ... Read More

Last person born in 1800s Emma Morano dies

Emma Morano, the last person on Earth to be born in the 1800s dies at 117. Born November 29, 1899 ... Read More

Coal museum switches to solar to save money

The Kentucky Coal Mining Museum in Benham features an exhibition coal mine; artifacts from miners and their families; fossils; a 2-ton block of coal cut especially for the museum as a photo backdrop; and even items from the personal collection of country music star (and coal miner’s daughter) Loretta Lynn ... Read More

Tesla now has higher market cap than Ford

Who wudda thunk it? Tesla stock rose today to $298 and surpassed Ford in value. Which is insane. Not not too insane. I sold my TSLA stock today @ $293. I’m still an Elon cult member. But I think I’ll be able to buy back in at a lower price ... Read More

Michael Flynn failed to disclose he’s a Russian Agent

How incompetent does Trump and the Republican Congress have to be to appoint a communist agent as head of American Intelligence? Now disclosed that Flynn was being paid by the the Russians. This presidency is illegitimate. Trump didn’t win the election, Putin did. So many Communist links. It seems to ... Read More

Dems lost because they opposed sex with miners

The Democratic party has been losing ground in rural white America because of the their opposition to having sex with miners. “Just because I work in a coal mine doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be allowed to have sex!”, a coal miner might have said if he were asked. “These liberals ... Read More

Republicans vote to keep Obamacare

After voting some 61 times to repeal Obamacare when they knew Obama would block it – Republicans for the first time failed to repeal it. I guess there’s a difference when you’re in power and you can make it actually happen. Republicans are a disaster and this is yet another ... Read More

Donna Brazile admits cheating for Hillary

A little something for the right wing readers: DNC chief Donna Brazile’s confession that she fed Hillary debate information is troubling on so many levels. First she lied about it saying “As a Christian woman I understand persecution, but I will not sit here and be persecuted,” Ms. Brazile told ... Read More

Will someone please ask Comey why he rigged the election for Trump?

It’s just too weird having Comey testify about whether Russians hacked the election for Trump when Comey himself hacked the election for Trump. If not for Comey Trump would not be president. But will they ask him the question? I doubt it. All part of the big lie. Ultimately Trump’s ... Read More

Don’t you just hate phone spammers?

Got a text spam today. Decided to try to tack them down. This is the spam: Last 1 hr Left to Activate Your 70% Off Custom Animated Video Deal. Click Here http://eel.nu/5Z0l/t9MTE to Activate Now & Grow Your Sales by 1000%. Reply STOPRM to Remove I sent the link to ... Read More

Asus ships non-working B350M motherboard

If you are thinking about buying this piece of junk – don’t. I’m very disappointed with Asus and having to deal with shipping this trash back to NewEgg. Apparently in a rush to get something out the door to have product compatible with the new AMD Ryzen processor Asus decided ... Read More