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Samsung Teases 6-DoF Standalone VR Headset as Company’s ‘Next Mobile VR System’

Taeyong Kim, VP of Samsung Electronics and Head of Graphics R&D, took the stage last month at the company’s annual developer conference to talk a little bit about the future of VR for the company. While no big reveals were expected for the talk, Kim actually mentioned to the crowd that the company is actively working on a standalone VR headset with inside-out tracking and 6 DoF controllers as their ‘next mobile VR product’. “The question is, how do we combine the benefits of [Gear VR and Odyssey] together for our next VR system?” said Kim. “That’s the question we’re asking at this ...
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John Lennon’s diaries, iconic glasses among 100+ stolen items found in Berlin

Published time: 22 Nov, 2017 04:55Edited time: 22 Nov, 2017 05:11 Berlin police have recovered more than 100 personal items of the late Beatles star John Lennon. The priceless trove includes Lennon’s private diaries and handwritten lyrics. The items were stolen over a decade ago from Lennon's widow, Yoko Ono in New York. The last diary entry written by Lennon on the day of his death on December 8, 1980 is among the much-sought after haul presented Tuesday. Other treasured pieces, which could fetch over €3 million at auction, include music sheets for the hit singles ‘Woman’ and ‘Just Like ...
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How the FCC’s reversal of net neutrality may affect you

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) has announced plans to repeal net neutrality regulations, putting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) in charge of overseeing the internet. However, one FTC commissioner says users will be negatively affected by the change. FCC chairman Ajit Pai released a draft order Tuesday, calling for the reversal of net neutrality regulations put in place under former President Barack Obama in 2015. The FCC established net neutrality regulations to reclassify broadband as Title II “common carriers” under the Communications Act of 1934. Under the rules, the FCC was given the authority to regulate Internet service providers (ISPs) ...
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N. Korean defector’s escape in dramatic chase & shooting caught on CCTV (VIDEO)

Distressing footage has emerged of a North Korean soldier barreling past his compatriots in a military vehicle and reaching the South Korean line. The defector was shot multiple times and taken to hospital in critical condition. The harrowing video released Wednesday in Seoul by the United Nations Command is edited together from separate cameras and angles. It shows a November 13 defection by a North Korean soldier, who doctors say is in recovery after being shot at least five times during his getaway. The UN Command claims the footage shows a North Korean border guard follow the defecting soldier past ...
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‘Impeach Trump’ billboards go up in Times Square

Published time: 22 Nov, 2017 05:17 For 10 minutes out of every hour through to New Year’s Eve, billboards on Times Square will direct passers-by to a website where they can sign a petition calling for US President Donald Trump’s impeachment. Over 350,000 people walk across Times Square each day, one of the busiest pedestrian zones in the world. It will only get busier on New Year’s Eve, when up to a million people will go to watch the countdown. They might also catch a glimpse of the billboards paid for by billionaire Democratic Party donor Tom Steyer. The billboards ...
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ACLU sues Phoenix police for use-of-force records at Trump rally (VIDEOS)

The ACLU of Arizona is suing the Phoenix Police Department in order to obtain public records regarding use of force on protesters during a rally for US President Donald Trump earlier this year. Two videos that have been released show the mayhem unfolding. The lawsuit filed on Tuesday in Maricopa County Superior Court states that the American Civil Liberties Union of Arizona submitted a public-records request to the Phoenix Police Department (PPD) following the altercation between protesters and police, but have not yet received the documents, AZ Central reported. The lawsuit asserts that officials from the PPD have acknowledged that ...
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Sarah Silverman ‘Fell in Love’ with Trump Supporters While Traveling Country for Hulu TV Series

Kevin Winter/Getty Images by Daniel Nussbaum21 Nov 20170 21 Nov, 201721 Nov, 2017 Actress, comedian, and former Bernie Sanders supporter Sarah Silverman says she “fell in love” with Donald Trump voters while traveling the country to work on her new Hulu television series, I Love You, America. In a conversation with New York Magazine contributor Frank Rich at Vulture Fest Tuesday, Silverman said she was able to find common ground with Trump voters when she met with them one-on-one. Silverman’s new Hulu series sees the comedian traveling across the country to meet people with different political views. “When you’re one-on-one ...
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CNN Political Director: Trump Defended Moore Because He Doesn’t Want to Be Against ‘Bannon Wing’

CNN Political Director David Chalian believes President Donald Trump signaled his support for Alabama GOP Senate candidate Judge Roy Moore on Tuesday because Trump does not want to be against the “Bannon wing” that fervently supports the agenda that got Trump elected. Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon has been championing Trump’s economic nationalist agenda from coast to coast since leaving the White House. Chalian said Trump “doesn’t want to be crosswise with his base” because Trump knows that all of the energy is with the “Bannon wing,” which has “not abandoned Moore.” “He doesn’t want to be on wrong ...
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