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    FREE ADVERT ON US in 2018 ! – If you sell your products in or supply or manufacture Eco-friendly non-plastic packaging

     https://salazarpackaging.com/contact/ WE ARE GREEN, BUT DEFINITELY NOT INEXPERIENCED. Soon after we launched our new company in early 2007, we were creating the first green packaging brand – Globe Guard®, the very first on line packaging store focused on sustainable packaging – www.GlobeGuardProducts.com and innovating products like our Globe Guard® Reusable Box and our Globe Guard® Reusable Box Sealer. In presentation and in writing, we have also been thought leaders introducing terms like the importance of being “eco- consistent” – if you are selling a green product to a green consumer, your packaging has to be consistent with your marketing. We also helped people understand ... Read More

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    FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will release his proposal to kill net neutrality on November 22, the day before Thanksgiving -- and Congress is under tremendous pressure to stop him. Comcast has hired 40 lobbying firms to fight for the end of net neutrality.[1] AT&T spent $4.4 million lobbying Congress in the third quarter—more than any other tech company and more than last year.[2] These telecom giants have millions to spend and have us outnumbered, but the bottom line is those lobbyists are advocating for policies that are overwhelmingly unpopular with people from across the political spectrum. That's why we still have a chance ... Read More

    39 Days to Mars! NASA’s New Plasma Engine!

    Ad Astra Rocket Company of Texas is in the final stages of developing a highly efficient Plasma Rocket for low Earth orbit and interplanetary use! A cheaper way to move spaceships around Earth orbit, the moon and the outer planets! 39 days to Mars? Sign me up! A U.S. based rocket propulsion company is developing an engine that could take humans to Mars in just 39 days, and it has funding from Nasa to accomplish the task. A spacecraft normally takes several months to reach Mars. According to Franklin Chang Diaz, CEO of the Ad Astra Rocket Company of Texas, ... Read More

    Women at Westminster use secret WhatsApp group to avoid ‘sex pest’ MPs

    Published time: 27 Oct, 2017 07:21 Cabinet ministers are named as “sex pests to avoid” in a secret WhatsApp group of female staff at Westminster, it is claimed. Allegations against specific politicians range from “very handsy” and “not safe in taxis” to “groped my arse at drinks party.” Another message warns women not to “get in the lift” with a certain male MP, while another says “watch out for… at conference.” Other messages claim senior MPs have sex in Parliamentary offices, that bosses refer to female employees as “sugar tits” and demand affairs, and that one MP demanded that staff ... Read More

    Three reasons women marry less educated men

    Have you noticed this trend lately?  More women are marrying men who are less educated than they are!  But here is the real question…does it really matter if a woman has more education than her man?  Will the different levels of education impact how they get along in each other’s social circles? Of course, there can be questions of each being secure in whom they are rather than in who brings in the most income or concerns about compatibility. Sure, there is a lot to consider when she is carrying her doctorate into the corporate world and he is happy with his ... Read More

    Why Organized Religion Fears Educated Women

    This is a guest post by Shanna Babilonia who is the publisher of myiobi.com, a secular personal development website focusing on internal and external improvement and empowerment. You can read more of her work at www.myiobi.com. Thank you Shanna! For thousands of years women have been defined only in correlation to their relationship to men. They have been kept hidden, prohibited from speaking, forced into submission and treated as the “unclean” gender whose existence is that of mental and physical servitude to her human counterpart. Why has so much emphasis been placed upon the mind and actions of women? What does ... Read More

    Backyard Hurricane Dome Kit ….. houses need to be made like this !

    Our 24 foot diameter Backyard Dome kit features additional 2x4 blocking supports within each of 130 triangles on the upper portion of the dome surface. The precision-cut 2x4 geodesic frame kit is exposed to the interior. The exposed interlocking hexagons and triangles on the dome ceiling create an awesome three dimensional pattern and a very strong building. Our Backyard Dome kit is modified on the lower perimeter to include vertical wall framing for conventional doors and windows. A braced four feet high, ten-sided, perimeter riser wall is constructed under the modified hemisphere to lift the dome just enough to accomodate ... Read More

    Everything to know about Florida evacuations and shelters ahead of Hurricane Irma

    At least 1.3 million Florida residents are under mandatory evacuation ahead of Hurricane Irma, which is slated to strike the state as a Category 4 storm on Sunday morning. Florida Gov. Rick Scott, who declared a statewide emergency earlier this week, said additional evacuations are expected to be issued as Hurricane Irma approaches the state. Scott urged all Floridians to heed local alerts and follow the directions of local officials. "If you're told to evacuate, leave, get out quickly," the governor said at a press conference Friday morning. "This storm is wider than our entire state." Scott said people can ... Read More

    Hurricane Irma forecast to strike Florida Keys as Category 5

    Hurricane Irma is now forecast to hit the Florida Keys as a Category 5 storm. Meteorologists expect Irma to make landfall in the Keys between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m. ET on Sunday. Overnight projections of Irma's path showed less of a threat to the Carolinas as the monster storm appeared likely to move directly up the middle of Florida and curve inland. The National Weather Service's Key West office issued a dire warning in the wake of the updated forecast. ***NOWHERE IN THE FLORIDA KEYS WILL BE SAFE*** ***YOU STILL HAVE TIME TO EVACUATE*** Please RT. #Irma pic.twitter.com/VWLMEDWoUs "Obviously ... Read More