Election 2017: At-a-glance

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Polls have closed in the UK general election and votes are being counted. Here’s an at-a-glance guide to the key points of Election 2017 night as they happen.

Story so far

  • Polls closed at 22:00 BST
  • Exit poll suggests the standing of the parties will be Conservatives 314, Labour 266, SNP 34, Lib Dems 14, Plaid Cymru 3, UKIP 0, Greens 1, Others 18.
  • The exit poll suggests the Conservatives will be the largest party in the Commons but would be short of an overall majority
  • Pound falls amid speculation over hung parliament – down 1.5% to 1.27 US dollars. Against the euro, the pound fell by 1% to 1.13 euros.
  • Politics expert Professor John Curtice says two things can be drawn from the exit poll – one that the PM has failed in her bid to win a large majority to give her more “wiggle room” over Brexit, two that Labour is probably not going to end up with the most seats.
  • But he says the 2015 exit poll projected 316 seats for the Tories when they actually won 331 – so it was still possible for the Tories to win an overall majority, although it may not be much larger than it was before the election
  • First result in was Newcastle Upon Tyne Central, held by Labour’s Chi Onwurah with 24,071 – Conservatives were second on 9,134.
  • A party needs 326 MPs to command a majority in the House of Commons
  • The exit poll saw 30,450 people interviewed as they exited from 144 polling stations across the UK.

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What the parties are saying

  • Conservative Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon tells the BBC the exit poll underestimated the Conservatives’ majority in 2015 and says “we do need to see some actual results before we can interpret this one way or the other”
  • Labour’s Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell agrees, perhaps for the first time he says, with Sir Michael, “we have to have some scepticism about the polls – let’s see some results”. But he says, if it is right, Theresa May’s position is “increasingly untenable”.
  • Former Lib Dem Leader Sir Menzies Campbell says it’s too early to draw conclusions but, should the exit poll be borne out by the results, the PM’s efforts to strengthen her Brexit negotiating hand with a larger majority have “exploded”. He also says he would be “astonished” if Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron went into a coalition with either the Tories or Labour.
  • The SNP’s Stewart Hosie, asked about suggestions the SNP could lose 22 seats, says it will be “some hours before this comes out in the wash” but says the real story, if the poll is correct, is that Theresa May appears to have “given up a majority” having called an election for “narrow party advantage”.
  • The DUP’s Jeffrey Donaldson says his party will talk to the Tories in the event of a hung parliament adding: “We have a lot in common, we want to see Brexit work for the UK and for Northern Ireland we want to see the union strengthened.”
  • Green Party co-leader Caroline Lucas tweets: “Hardly dare hope this is right. To be clear Greens will never support a Tory government”.

In pictures

We will add more images from the night as they come in

Image copyright AFP
Image caption The exit poll projected onto BBC Broadcasting House
Image copyright PA
Image caption Counting is under way, including in Glasgow’s Emirates Arena

Last time round

View the original article: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/election-2017-40190964

At the last election in 2015, the parties won the following number of seats:

  • Conservatives 331
  • Labour 232
  • Lib Dems 8
  • Democratic Unionist Party 8
  • Scottish National Party 56
  • Sinn Fein 4
  • Plaid Cymru 3
  • Social Democratic and Labour Party 3
  • Ulster Unionist Party 2
  • UKIP 1
  • Greens 1
  • Independent 1

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