Every Fashion House Wants You to Wear Their Logo—But Which One Will You Choose?

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    Brace yourselves: One of the major spring/summer 2018 trends is that every major house wants you to wear its logo. For a long time, having branding splashed all over a collection was considered gauche. While Phoebe Philo’s Céline effect meant many brands went down the subtler hidden-branding route, everything has changed in 2018. Now, thanks to the likes of Alessandro Michele at Gucci and Demna Gvasalia for Balenciaga, which were the two biggest fashion houses of 2017, we’re seeing a reemergence of the brash logo—and loving it. From Chanel to Fendi as well as Loewe, there’s a branding feast to be had. Just one question: Which one will you choose? Keep scrolling to decide.

    Style Notes: What’s better than one Chanel bag? Two Chanel bags, of course. 
    Style Notes: Alessandro Michele reimagined the Gucci logo with this fun slogan jumper. 
    Style Notes: How Gucci does a shell-suit trackie. We approve.
    Style Notes: Nope, it’s not spelt the usual way. Would 100% wear this bag, though. 
    Style Notes: We’re highly into the classic Fendi logo right now. 
    Style Notes: Vintage Fendi slogans are the best. And when they’re doubled up, we love them even more. Sidenote: Check out Desert Mannequin’s incredible retro handbag.
    Style Notes: If Prada did graphic novels. 
    Style Notes: A classic baby blue ’90s Versace logo. So simple and so effective. 
    Style Notes: Versace couldn’t get enough of this look and made it in pink too.
    Style Notes: Not content with using its own logo, Versace also sent models down the runway in Vogue-branded pieces. 
    Style Notes: Even the usually more minimalistic Calvin Klein splashed a logo on coats. 
    Style Notes: The classic CK branding on a bag. 
    Style Notes: Trust D&G to go all-out with its branding. 
    Style Notes: #DG for the new and digitally savvy generation. 
    Style Notes: The old-school Dior emblem makes an impact on the catwalk. 
    Style Notes: Dior gives its branding a 2018 update: bold, in your face, and on an oversized bag. 
    Style Notes: We can imagine this T-shirt will be very popular. 
    Style Notes: You can always rely on LV to give us a great logo inspiration. 
    Style Notes: The branding that never disappoints. 
    Style Notes: Demna’s Balenciaga has pioneered this new “super logo” trend. 
    Style Notes: You can rely on Balenciaga’s logo even on a black top.
    Style Notes: Loewe Creative Director J.W.Anderson is also into the branding trend. His fun shredded tees are exactly what we need for our next holiday. 
    Style Notes: For those who sit in between minimal and bold. This one’s for you. So, made a decision yet? 

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