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    Donald Trump – Donald Trump wrong that Charlottesville counter-protesters didn't have a permit

    Torch-bearing white nationalists rally around a statue of Thomas Jefferson on the University of Virginia campus in Charlottesville, Va., on Aug. 11, 2017. (Edu Bayer/New York Times) In Charlottesville, Va., a counter-protester gives a white supremacist the middle finger on Aug. 12, 2017. The white supremacist responds with a Nazi ... Read More
    FactCheck, Politifact.com

    SciCheck on the Air

    This year, SciCheck writer Vanessa Schipani has appeared on NBC10 in Philadelphia several times to discuss some of her stories. Tilapia On Aug. 13, Schipani discussed deceptive articles that claim bacon is healthier than tilapia. Many of these articles argue the fish lacks essential nutrients and can increase the risk of cancer and Alzheimer’s ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Trump Press Conference, in Context

    President Donald Trump held a contentious press conference in which he answered critics who said he waited too long to condemn the white nationalists who staged a protest in Charlottesville, Virginia, on Aug. 12 that turned violent. Here we put into context some of the statements that the president made in ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Trump’s Hollow Claim about ‘Inner Cities’

    President Donald Trump claimed that his administration is “spending a lot of money on the inner cities.” But there has been little change in spending so far, and his first budget proposes to cut or eliminate funding for some programs that benefit cities. For example, Trump’s proposed 2018 budget would ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Roy Moore – Alabama's Roy Moore says whole communities in Midwest are under Sharia law

    Former Alabama Chief Justice and U.S. Senate candidate Roy Moore smiles after he votes in the Republican primary on Aug. 15, 2017, in Gallant, Ala. (AP/Brynn Anderson) Comedian and broadcaster wrote this satiric column in the Daily Beast about how Muslims could take advantage of a religious-liberty law in Indiana ... Read More
    FactCheck, Politifact.com

    Obama Center Not Federally Funded

    Q: Did President Trump cancel funding to build Barack Obama’s presidential library?
    A: No. That story originated on a satirical news site. All presidential libraries have been constructed using private or non-federal funds.
    FULL ANSWER On Aug. 4, lahrennews.com posted a story claiming that President Donald Trump blocked ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org, Fake News

    Pompeo Distorts China’s Nuclear Policy

    CIA Director Mike Pompeo misrepresented the facts when he suggested the Trump administration was responsible for changing China’s policy on North Korea’s nuclear weapons program. Pompeo said that “the Chinese now … believe the correct answer has to be a denuclearized peninsula.” In fact, China has supported “the verifiable denuclearization ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Trump Misfires on Nuclear Weapons Boast

    A day after he threatened North Korea with “fire and fury,” President Donald Trump distorted the facts when he boasted that his “first order as President was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal” and “it is now far stronger and more powerful than ever.” It’s true that Trump directed ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Earth Won’t Go Dark for Days

    Q: Did NASA confirm that there will be 15 days of darkness on Earth in November?
    A: No. Variations of that false claim have been circulating since at least 2015.
    FULL ANSWER On May 29, the website twofeed.org posted a story with the headline “NASA confirms Earth will ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org, Fake News

    Video: Trump on U.S. Nuclear Arsenal

    In this week’s fact-checking video, CNN’s Jake Tapper and FactCheck.org review the accuracy of President Donald Trump’s tweet about the modernization of the U.S. nuclear weapons program. The president tweeted that his “first order as President was to renovate and modernize our nuclear arsenal” and “it is now far stronger ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Medicare Scare Tactics

    TV ads from a Democratic group warn seniors that “right now, your Medicare coverage is in danger,” claiming “deep, automatic cuts” could be made by “unelected Washington bureaucrats.” But those cuts, according to current estimates, wouldn’t be implemented until 2023, and they would amount to .002 percentage points of Medicare ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Invented Malia Obama Stories

    Q: Was Malia Obama fired from an internship for smoking marijuana? Was she arrested for buying marijuana in Chicago?
    A: No. Those spoof stories were made up to troll conservative readers.
    FULL QUESTION Was Malia Obama fired from a job (or internship) at the Spanish Embassy for smoking ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org, Fake News

    CO2: Friend or Foe to Agriculture?

    Rep. Lamar Smith said climate change “alarmists” ignore the “positive impacts” of more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, such as increased food production and quality. But the impact of increased CO2 levels on agriculture is more complicated than that — and, on balance, likely negative, particularly in the future. Other factors aside, an atmosphere with more CO2 does boost crop yield in the ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Video: Trump on the RAISE Act

    In a segment that aired on several local NBC news stations, FactCheck.org Deputy Managing Editor Robert Farley discussed President Donald Trump’s inaccurate claim that the RAISE Act “prevents … new immigrants from collecting welfare.” Trump was referring to the Reforming American Immigration for a Strong Economy (RAISE) Act, which was ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Trump’s Misleading Blame on Opioids

    President Donald Trump misleadingly cited a 23 percent decline in federal drug prosecutions between 2011 and 2016 to claim that the Obama administration ignored the opioid crisis. “So they looked at this scourge and they let it go by, and we’re not letting it go by,” Trump said. But Trump ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Trump Didn’t Pass Out

    Q: Did President Donald Trump collapse while giving a speech in New Jersey?
    A: No. That story was published by a self-described satirical website.
    FULL ANSWER A story first published July 30 on ourlandofthefree.com falsely claimed that President Donald Trump was rushed to the hospital after collapsing while ... Read More

    ‘Buy America’ Spin

    Sen. Tammy Baldwin goes too far when she says U.S. steelworkers were “left behind” last year by Republican leaders who killed her “buy America” bill. Baldwin’s bill would have required U.S. steel to be used on projects funded by the Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. It didn’t pass, but a ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    25 Million Clinton Votes Weren’t Fake

    Q: Did NPR report that a study found “over 25 million Hillary Clinton votes were completely fraudulent,” and that she “actually lost the popular vote”?
    A: No. That claim was made in a story that conflates a 2012 article about inaccuracies in voter registration rolls with actual fraudulent votes.
    ... Read More

    Video: Spinning the CBO Report

    On NBC’s local station in Philadelphia, FactCheck.org Director Eugene Kiely discussed how politicians on both sides of the aisle distorted the Congressional Budget Office’s projection that the Senate health care bill would increase the number of uninsured Americans by 22 million in 2026. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a former Democratic presidential candidate, ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    FactChecking Trump’s West Virginia Rally

    At a rally in West Virginia, President Donald Trump falsely claimed that his administration is “bringing back to America” manufacturing jobs “by the hundreds of thousands.” In fact, about 70,000 manufacturing jobs have been added since he took office, federal labor statistics show. The president also puffed up his record ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Facebook Will Auto-Load Related Headlines to Debunk ‘Fake News’

    Justin Sullivan/Getty Images by Charlie Nash4 Aug 2017 4 Aug, 20174 Aug, 2017 Facebook is rolling out a “related articles” section that will appear below popular stories and those that are deemed to be “fake news,” according to a report. Shared articles that Facebook’s fact-checking partners deem to be fake ... Read More

    Video: Trump on Border Apprehensions

    In this week’s fact-checking video, CNN’s Jake Tapper and FactCheck.org explain why President Donald Trump was wrong when he said southwest border apprehensions increased under past administrations. Trump made the claim during a July 28 speech to law enforcement officials in New York. “You know, the border is down 78 ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Overstated Funding for Overseas Mosques

    Q: Did the Obama administration spend $770 million restoring overseas mosques?
    A: That claim is based on a misleading television news report about a 20-year funding project that ended well before Barack Obama became president.
    FULL QUESTION Did Obama administration give $770 million to rebuild mosques? FULL ANSWER ... Read More

    Trump Didn’t Ignore Disabled Child

    Q: Did President Donald Trump ignore a disabled child who tried to shake his hand?
    A: No. A viral video clip omitted Trump’s earlier interaction with the boy.
    FULL ANSWER The headline of a July 29 story on washingtonjournal.com says: “This Video Of A Disabled Toddler Trying To ... Read More

    Trump Overstates Impact of Immigration Bill

    President Donald Trump is wrong on two fronts when he claims that the RAISE Act “prevents … new immigrants from collecting welfare.” “They’re not going to come in and just immediately go and collect welfare. That doesn’t happen under the RAISE Act,” Trump said of the immigration bill he recently ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Subsidies, Not Bailouts

    President Donald Trump said “bailouts for insurance companies” would “end very soon” if Congress didn’t pass a new health care bill. Sen. Susan Collins said the payments aren’t a bailout, “but rather help people who are very low-income afford their out-of-pocket costs.” Trump distorts the facts. It’s true that the ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Trump’s GDP Puffery

    President Donald Trump wrongly described the estimated 2.6 percent growth in the nation’s gross domestic product for the second quarter as “a number that nobody thought they’d see for a long period of time.” In fact, real GDP growth was higher than 2.6 percent in eight of the last 18 quarters, ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Celebrity Quote Mismatch

    Q: Did Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Rihanna say they feel “unsafe” under President Donald Trump, and “can’t even look at an American flag anymore”?
    A: No. Those are altered versions of statements made by singer Lana Del Ray.
    FULL ANSWER On July 19, online magazine Pitchfork published ... Read More

    Trump’s Border Boast

    Boasting about a decline in apprehensions at the U.S.-Mexico border on his watch, President Donald Trump falsely claimed that border apprehensions “didn’t go down” under “past administrations.” Actually, they declined in 10 of the last 16 fiscal years. Before Trump took office, southwest border apprehensions had dropped 75 percent from ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Hoyer Revisits Mike Pence’s Emails

    Rep. Steny Hoyer wrongly claimed that Vice President Mike Pence “used a private server when he was governor of Indiana.” Pence did use a personal AOL account for some government business, but he did not have a “private server.” Hoyer, the House Democratic whip, brought up the vice president’s past ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Smith Spins NASA Funding

    Rep. Lamar Smith said that, after national security agencies, “NASA received the most favorable budget request from the Trump administration.” True, but President Donald Trump’s 2018 proposal would still cut NASA’s budget by about 3 percent compared with the agency’s enacted budget for 2017. Smith, the chairman of the House Committee on Science, ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    No Legalization of Sharia Law

    Q: Did a Muslim federal judge rule two parts of sharia law legal?
    A: No. That only happened in a fake story on a satirical website.
    FULL ANSWER Sharia is a term for the religious and secular duties, as well as punishments for lawbreaking, based on the tenets ... Read More

    Video: Trump’s False Donations Claim

    President Donald Trump got it wrong. Hillary Clinton did not donate $700,000 to the campaign of the acting FBI director’s wife, as CNN’s Jake Tapper explains in this week’s video collaboration with FactCheck.org. In a series of tweets on July 25 and 26, Trump criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions for ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Trey Gowdy Didn’t End Russia Probe

    Q: Did Rep. Trey Gowdy end the Russia investigation?
    A: No. That claim was made in a headline that wasn’t supported by its story.
    FULL ANSWER The headline of a July 12 story on world-politicus.com says “Trey Gowdy Puts Investigation To Rest.” It was posted on Facebook with ... Read More

    FactChecking Trump’s Rally in Ohio

    President Donald Trump’s latest campaign-style rally was in Youngstown, Ohio, where the president made some false and misleading claims about military spending, immigrants and job creation:
    • Trump claimed to have “achieved a historic increase in defense spending.” But larger annual increases occurred under Presidents George W. Bush, Ronald Reagan ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Trump and Transgender Service Members

    In announcing he would ban transgender people from the military, President Donald Trump cited “the tremendous medical costs and disruption that transgender in the military would entail.” Whether the cost is “tremendous” is opinion, but a government-funded report found that allowing transgender people to openly serve in the military would ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    Trump Wrong About Campaign Donations

    Twice in two days, President Donald Trump falsely tweeted that acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe’s wife received $700,000 in campaign donations from Hillary Clinton. The nearly $675,000 — not $700,000 — donated to Dr. Jill McCabe, who unsuccessfully ran for a Virginia state Senate seat in 2015, came from the ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org

    BOKHARI: Why The Left Loves Snopes

    Bruno Fahy/Getty by Allum Bokhari25 Jul 2017 25 Jul, 201725 Jul, 2017 The most aggravating leftists are not openly radical ideologues like Jeremy Corbyn or Bernie Sanders, but those who, like “Science Guy” Bill Nye, dress up their zealotry in the guise of detached, politically neutral expertise. In that sense, the “fact-checking” ... Read More

    Trump’s Power to Pardon

    President Donald Trump tweeted that “all agree the U.S. President has the complete power to pardon.” It’s true that the president has the constitutional power to issue pardons, but there are some limits to that power. Article II, Section 2 of the U.S. Constitution says a president cannot pardon “in cases of ... Read More
    FactCheck, Factcheck.org


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