The Man Who Changed the Way We Dress Forever

It's hard to deny that Alessandro Michele's influence on the fashion world has been anything other than both phenomenal and ubiquitous. Whether you're on Instagram, at fashion week, or even on the tube—and regardless of even knowing who this Roman-born designer is—I guarantee you'll see someone wearing a piece of Alessandro's Gucci. It could be a head-to-toe look or a monogrammed bag, but once you're acquainted with his highly distinctive more-is-more aesthetic, it's plain to see everywhere. So much so that you'll even start to spot the copycats we see multiplying by the minute.After a period of recession-friendly runways being ... Read More

This Olsen Just Wore Skinny Jeans and a Tee to a Glitzy Chanel Event

Last night Chanel hosted its annual lunch at the Tribeca Film Festival, and naturally the room was filled with two-tone pumps, tweed suits and quilted handbags. Elizabeth Olsen's outfit really stood out from the Chanel crowd however, as she wore the ultimate party outfit for girls who hate dressing up. The Olsen sister wore an everyday white T-Shirt and black skinny jeans, but then made it her own with a sweeping embroidered evening coat and two-tone Chanel backless mules with a single pearl on each heel. This outfit proves that you really can wear skinny jeans to any occasion, something to bear in mind come ... Read More

Introducing the New Mango Dress Doing the Rounds on Instagram

In March Mango launched its first sustainable collection, called Committed, and a white linen dress with buttons in the line (jog your memory here) quickly achieved cult status. The second collection just arrived in store this week and has the same aesthetic, with earthy tones, slouchy silhouettes and natural fabrics, and there's another dress in the mix that might be just as popular as that dress.The cream organic cotton sleeved midi with an exaggerated tie waist and a full skirt with a dramatic asymmetric, flared hem, has already been doing the rounds on Instagram. You might think a cream midi dress is just for ... Read More

11 Awesome Ski Jackets You’ll Actually Want to Wear Off the Slopes

If you're a skier (or snowboarder), first-timer or total pro you'll know that finding the best jacket to keep you warm and looking cool is one of the most important things you'll decide on. But like many parts of a ski trip, it doesn't come cheap. Which is why we've decided to find the chicest coats you'll want to wear on and off the slopes right now so you can get the most wear out of them as possible. Whether you're a traditionalist and like a classic red puffer or after something a bit retro from new brand Perfect Moment, ... Read More

9 Easy Autumn Microtrends You Haven’t Tried Yet

We're certain by now that you've been doing some meditative soul-searching over what you want to buy for the new A/W 17 season, right? Even if you've been more spontaneous than that, it's an important task nonetheless. We've personally spent days (well, a long while) choosing the best winter coat or the ultimate pair of ankle boots, but once you've got these integral parts of an autumnal closet nailed (and you could do worse than checking out our definitive starter list), then it's time to start branching out and experimenting with the microtrends that make every outfit a little bit ... Read More

Only Blake Lively Could Wear These 7 Outfits in Just One Day

Blake Lively knows that clothes are an extremely powerful tool when promoting a film, as in 2015 she wore 14 outfits in just 2 days and takes real pride in curating a cohesive 'promo tour wardrobe'. While promoting her film All I See Is You this week she has attempted to beat her own outfit change record, as yesterday she wore seven different looks in just 24 hours. That includes seven pairs of Christian Louboutin heels and three different Chanel handbags.Blake famously revealed in the lead up to her Age of Adeline promo tour in 2015 that she tried on 500 looks, and made a ... Read More

12 Chic Wedding Guest Outfits That Are Easy to Pull Together

These days, selecting wedding guest outfits can be a total minefield. And no, it's not because we're worried about turning up in the same thing as another guest. No, the real reason it's become so problematic is, thanks to social media, there's the worry about being snapped in the same ensemble at every wedding. But when you've been invited to five nuptials in one summer, outfit inspo becomes a little tough. To help, we suggest you push aside the stereotypical ideas about wedding attire, and instead think about the different combos of the above wedding outfit suggestions. You could opt for ... Read More

High-Street Wedding Dresses Have Never Looked So Good

Daring to utter the phrase "high-street wedding dresses" will no longer be met with indignation; with a rise in the market for well-priced bridal gowns, there's zero shame attached to spending less on your gown. Affordable can now be incredibly chic.ASOS launched its bridal collection earlier last year, following the success of its vast and very brilliant bridesmaid range. It also stocks Needle & Thread—a British brand that specialises in intricately embellished occasionwear with a comfortable price tag. Then, one of our favourite affordable red carpet go-tos—Self-Portrait—has also released its drop-dead gorgeous wedding range—something we've all been waiting for.For bohemian ... Read More

The Holiday Packing List Every Fashion Girl Should Check Before Travelling

Putting together a holiday packing list may sound tiresome, but for a stress-free, horror-free and completely chic vacay, you've just got to do it. To help you avoid a complete meltdown, we're doing that laborious part for you. There are so many decisions to make on what to put on your travel checklist. Whether that's deciding how many pairs of sandals you should be taking (four is the ideal number) to knowing whether you should pack that top you've only ever worn once (no is the answer), it's the most stressful part of preparing for your time away. But of ... Read More

The 21 Steps to Dressing Just Like Alexa Chung

When Alexa Chung first started being photographed in 2006, she almost instantly changed the way we dressed. A decade (and many peacoats, navy sweaters, thigh-skimming dresses, ballet flats and denim cut-offs) later, she is still one of the most copied style icons on the planet. There is a reason she has won the British Fashion Awards Style Icon Award three times (and counting).Alexa has managed to turn her innate style into a business, of course, with sellout clothing collections for AG Jeans and Marks & Spencer, and now she's preparing to launch her own fashion label this year. Something her ... Read More

The Body Shape Calculator Will Make All Your Clothes Look Incredible

Until we discovered the body shape calculator, we didn’t have a fail-safe way of being able to find out what clothes suit our body shape. And thanks to our brilliant co-founder Hillary Kerr, we know that not every trend is for every body type, and that’s okay. Instead of panicking and buying in on every fashion trend, and dressing for your particular shape, rather than working against it, the body shape calculator will ensure you’re more comfortable and confident.So how do we use it? Rather than comparing your body to pictures of celebrities or fruit, which can leave you feeling unsure if ... Read More

Shop the Best Leather Jackets, Because It’s Finally Time to Ditch the Coat

The best leather jackets can be found in many places. They are the ultimate jacket for looking super cool when you need to take your outfit from 0 to 100. Not only does such a key piece journey with you, looking good no matter what the trend climate may dictate, but the right one will also get better with age.Remember that the best leather jackets get softer—they retain their shape (although leather does stretch a little after the first few wears, so buy a snug size if you want a close fit). Naturally, finding THE one is hard—it's a commitment ... Read More

29 of the Best Wedding Guest Dresses That Stand Out From the Crowd

The best wedding-guest dresses are now something we search for each and every month of the year. After all, the matrimonial schedule never stops, and we can understand why it's a big deal to locate the ultimate frock for the occasion. Choosing an outfit for such an important event is one of the most high-pressure wardrobe situations a woman will find herself in all year. Who will be there? Will you be caught off-guard in a candid snap? What about the pics that last forever and ever in everyone's photo albums? Not to mention the fervent wedding guest dress–related style ... Read More

12 Gym Outfits That Will Actually Make You Want to Work Out

What if you had such an incredible array of gym outfits in your wardrobe that working out actually became a pleasure instead of a chore? We know, we can almost hear you scoffing at the screen, but honestly, there is a way to motivate yourself to get to the gym, and having a wardrobe that makes you look and feel great before you've even stepped on the treadmill makes a difference.In fact, we find this theory so convincing that we've hunted down the chicest A-list gym outfits we're sure you'll love and want to emulate. From Rosie Huntington-Whiteley's crop top–and-legging combo ... Read More

French Fashion: 8 Secrets to Dressing Like the World’s Chicest Women

French fashion may be mysterious and masterful, but it's not entirely unobtainable. The women of this highly chic country are forever at the top of the tree when it comes to effortlessness—no other nation could possibly contend for the title, especially when you take a look at our list of the most stylish French women. But as well as adopting their relaxed attitude to getting dressed, there are style cues you can take and tweak to incorporate into your own wardrobe and bring in un petit peu of that coveted je ne sais quoi.It's highly likely you know some major French fashion ... Read More

These 9 New-In Pieces Have “Shop Me” Written All Over Them

What to buy now? It's a question that is most succinctly answered right here on a daily/monthly/hourly basis, thanks to the extensive shopping knowledge of team Who What Wear. However, from now on, at the beginning of each week, we shall bring you a particularly concise, super-chic, very covetable edit of the best items to buy now.These standout pieces are chosen from the new-in sections of our favourite brands and e-commerce sites and feature the kinds of items that you'll miss if you blink. We are your all-seeing eyes, ensuring the best of the best can stand a chance of ... Read More

Celine Dion’s High Fashion Makeover Is Our New Favourite Thing

Last summer Celine Dion overhauled her image, and with the help of her new stylist Law Roach, commanded a huge amount of fashion press thanks to her Vetements sweatshirts, Gucci ruffled blouses and eye-wateringly expensive full runway looks. Last Couture Fashion Week she was the one causing the most front row commotion (particularly at Dior in a pair of skin tight leather trousers) — and fast forward one year and we still can't stop staring at Celine's Paris looks. Our highlights from her outfits over the past seven days include the pinstripe Ellery suit with fluted kick-flare trousers and a matching ... Read More

We Are So Confused By Kendall Jenner’s Leggings Outfit, We Can’t Stop Looking

Kendall Jenner is in Paris for Haute Couture Fashion Week and today she left her hotel in an outfit we just can't quite figure out. She wore an oversized belted yellow jumper by Dion Lee (just what the 24°C weather calls for) with a pair of super tight black cycling shorts with zips down the side of the leg. Her nod to the Tour de France perhaps? She then paired her thigh-high leggings with a pair of towering two-strap black stilettos and an accessory that many of us use in our morning cleansing routine — a black fabric headband which you ... Read More

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