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    What to Wear With Black Jeans, Now That They’re Popular Again

    Working out what to wear with black jeans is always, for some reason, harder than one always imagines. Black clothes are our lifeblood. Denim is our biggest addiction (well, when we're not shopping for shoes). So one would assume that when the two collide—which they most commonly do at this time of year when the weather starts to turn—that we'd be knee-deep in power-dressing territory. Not so. There's something so inherently rock 'n' roll about black jeans that on occasion—when your style is less Siouxsie Sioux and more Olivia Palermo—it can be tricky to walk the line between looking casual ... Read More

    Rosie HW Just Wore the Perfect Outfit for Today’s Miserable Weather

    Even a little bit of snow can send our morning routine into a spin. While moon boots might seem a little excessive for an hour of snowfall, it is essential to feel snuggly at all times in such miserable weather. Rosie Huntington-Whiteley just wore exactly what we wish we were wearing this morning, wearing a pair of sleek Paige leather trousers with a cosy oversized Max Mara coat in a rich caramel colour. The Max Mara teddy coat is so good that it was named the best coat of the year in the 'Best of the Best of 2017' awards, and it's ... Read More

    5 Wardrobe Updates You Should Definitely Make in 2018

    As you've probably seen from all the content we've created this year for Who What Wear UK, when we find something that works for us, we tend to wear it to death. We're all about wise investments and uncovering the kind of classics you didn't even know would last year in, year out. Just think of the uniform we both established going into our 30s. Or the way we've learnt to actually spend more on certain items that never date—like a good leather biker jacket, for example.These kinds of wardrobe tactics don't mean we stick to the same old things—we're ... Read More

    Yes, This Was the Most Unexpected Sneaker Comeback of 2017

    We talk a lot about sneakers, but that's mainly because the fashion industry is still undergoing a love affair with the shoe style. Thanks to that ongoing interest, loyalist tribes have been clearly emerging over the past few years, and we find that rather than style, the groups often assemble by brand. Some are hard-core Nike fans, others love Adidas, and then there are the ones who have revisited Reebok. Reebok has been going for nearly 60 years and was originally launched in the UK (although the headquarters are now in Canton, Massachusetts), and while the other sportswear brands had ... Read More

    RHW Just Introduced Us to the Best Coat + Jeans + Boots Formula

    The outfits you wear in between November and March tend to lack definition, as your waist becomes covered in multiple layers and it can be easy to feel drowned by your winter coat. But Rosie Huntington-Whiteley this week showed how to counter this problem while still remaining warm—by wearing a black skinny belt looped over the waist of her oversized white robe coat. She wore a classic, expensive-looking outfit, pairing wearing a cashmere robe with blue jeans and an oversized Saint Laurent bag, but made it feel current with her floral velvet Louboutin boots and quirkly belt styling.Keep scrolling to see Rosie's ... Read More

    The 9 Coolest Cold-Weather Outfits to See You Through Winter

    When the weather really starts to bite, it’s easy to peer into your wardrobe and fall back on that one jumper that no other can match on the warmth front and pair it with your most trusted jeans and the coat that feels like it’s wrapping you in a hug every time you pull it on.There’s nothing wrong with this approach—we’re pretty guilty of it too, which is why a bit of cold-weather inspiration is always welcome. How do the most stylish we rely upon (particularly those dwelling in unforgiving Scandinavian climes) combat plunging temperatures? Well, with lots of wool ... Read More

    This Is the Trick to Finding A Coat That Actually Goes With Your Party Dress

    Finding the perfect dress is only the first party dressing hurdle, because once you've found said party dress you have the challenge of trying to find something to wear with it to stop you shivering. In the UK a coat is an integral part of your party outfit, because let's face it goosebumps are never a chic look, but it can be difficult to know what jacket or coat to pair with your frock. Whether you're wearing something super feminine or a fuller, maxi skirt, we have found the jackets that will ensure you don't catch the flu at your Christmas party. Keep ... Read More

    Louboutin to Blahnik: 10 Shoe Designers You Should Commit to Memory

    There are fashion brands that design shoes, and then there are shoe designers: The latter being the dedicated people who focus on nothing else but making beautiful things for our feet. While I'll often wax lyrical on the merits of Miu Mius and Pradas that are made in Italy (just one of my favourite footwear topics), there's always something to be said for someone who decides to charge forth as a cordwainer and a cordwainer alone. Whether a savvy shoe maestro who notices there's a gap in the market to be filled with something special or a tireless trooper spending ... Read More

    This Is How Kristen Makes Her T-Shirts Look Perfect (It Involves Scissors)

    Kristen Stewart might be a Chanel girl, but her tweeds and pearls won't stop her from wearing her "scruffy" staples such as white T-shirts and distressed denim. At the Chanel Metiers D'Arts show in Hamburg this week, Kristen wore Chanel in her own way, pairing the white tweed cropped trousers and black silk blazer with a cropped white tank top and her signature silver stacked chain necklaces. Kristen is a pro at dressing up white tees, and her stylist Tara Swennen explained to me back in 2016 for an interview for The Telegraph exactly how she makes white T-shirts more "Kristen."For ... Read More

    11 Chic Wedding Guest Outfits That Are Super Easy to Pull Together

    These days, selecting wedding guest outfits can be a total minefield. And no, it's not because we're worried about turning up in the same thing as another guest. The real reason it's become so problematic is, thanks to social media, there's the worry about being snapped in the same ensemble at every wedding (yes, we're admitting to being preoccupied with such matters, so what?). But when you've been invited to five nuptials in one year, selecting five impeccable wedding guest looks becomes a little tough.It's okay to wear white—just ground it with non-bridal accessories. To help you with styling ideas, we've ... Read More

    Victoria Beckham Is Making Us Want to Buy These £60 Mango Shoes

    Victoria Beckham is often spotted out wearing similar outfit combos–the white shirt and trouser ensemble or an all-black look areOn Victoria Beckham: Victoria Beckham Pre-Fall 2018 dress.  Shop Similar: Finery Assam Green Ferns Dress (£149);  Next up, 42 of the best party dresses that are guaranteed showstoppers.  ... Read More

    Everything You Didn’t Know About Fashion Icon Iris Apfel

    Iris Apfel: The 96-year-old fashion icon with more hutzpah than an arena full of Gen-Z entrepreneurs. This "geriatric starlet"—as she so comically calls herself—is adored throughout the industry for her flamboyance and quick wit. No one provides a sound-bite quite like her, but there are also few who so confidently wear colour, can pile on jewellery and have the ability to shop high, low, anywhere and everywhere, seeking out something special and emotive no matter its origin, price point or supposed trendiness.You probably know the essentials about Iris: She's based in New York; she wears thick, instantly recognisable black circular ... Read More

    6 Pairs of Kitten Heels You Can Wear All Day, Every Day

    Kitten heels are the much-maligned shoe of the fashion set, but like all no-nos, a time comes when a style 180 swoops into play and we wonder why we had been so hard on the item in question.The low stiletto has been slowly but surely weaving its way back into favour: Céline's V-neck versions have spawned an entire generation of leg-lengthening styles, and with directional designers now offering something above and beyond the average office-bound court shoe, it's no wonder that even the most ardent skyscraper lovers are adjusting to the idea of this wearable option. They're basically the ultimate ... Read More

    You Almost Forgot These Spice Girls Style Moments, So Here’s a Reminder

    Once upon a time, the Spice Girls were my everything: I was a member of Spice Girls official fan club and bought countless Spice Girls–related merchandise (the Impulse can was a particular high point). I collated folders and folders of Spice Girls coverage for goodness knows what reason (early journalistic skills, perhaps?), and posters of the famous five plastered my walls. Their music made up the sounds of my childhood to the point where I even recorded a video homage of "Wannabe" with my friends as we walked backwards through her house in bubble platforms and lycra flares. Mel B ... Read More

    Even Kate Can’t Resist the One Coat That Has Invaded the High Street

    The Duchess of CambridgeKee[ On the Duchess of Cambridge: LK Bennett Delli Check Coat (£495). Next up, the one colour that makes everything look more expensive.  Opening image: Getty ... Read More

    If You Have a Leopard Print Problem, You’re Going to Want All 21 of These Coats

    Ever feel like your winter wardrobe is looking a little, well, drab? Filled with nothing but navy, grey and black? We hear you. We find that the easiest solution to this problem is leopard print. And specifically, the leopard-print coat. This has been largely overlooked until this season when, boom, it's back again (hurrah!). A leopard coat instantly adds personality to your basics, making even the simplest outfit look exciting. This season's leopard coats are less Pat Butcher (you can now scrap those connotations) and more Kate Moss in her heyday meets Alexa Chung meets Emmanuelle Alt. It'll look just as good styled with leather trousers ... Read More

    5 Items Every Pregnant Woman Needs in Her Wardrobe

    Samantha Silver and Gemma Rose Breger are industry experts who have been using their extensive fashion and beauty knowledge to create one of the most engaging mum-focused websites out there: This Is Mothership gives stylish but realistic advice on every imaginable topic. Here, Silver and Breger tell us which pieces no pregnant woman should have to do without, while still hanging on to her sense of style.As we approach the seven month mark in our pregnancies we wanted to share key items that have worked well in our wardrobes since the start. These are items that are worth splashing out on as ... Read More

    This Outfit Proves You Can Wear Jeans to A Party and Be the Smartest in the Room

    If you always prefer to wear jeans to a party, then Emily Ratajkowski just wore the perfect outfit combo for you. She wore a pair of straight-leg casual blue jeans with ripped hems, with a cropped silky pyjama-inspired kimono top by the The Kooples, held in place with a pearl and crystal embellished belt looped around her waist, making it look fitted, rather than looking oversized and too casual. Emily then went for an eclectic styling, by adding a clashing leopard print tote bag, which is from her own collaboration with the Kooples. To smarten up the look, she then wore ... Read More