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    Nobody Except the Royals Would Wear These Outfits to Play Sport

    To most of us, a “fancy” gym outfit is a Lululemon sports bra or a pair of Sweaty Betty almost-£100 leggings — but not for the royal family who play cricket in stilettos, and throw rugby balls in Chanel. A royal tour always involves at least one run around a cricket/ hockey/ football pitch — however the royals tend to sprint in their suiting, rather than change into leggings. Which makes for a rather hilarious archive of "royals playing sport" pictures.The Duchess of Cambridge has played cricket in black stilettos and a red pencil skirt suit, played hockey in three-inch knee-high boots, played ... Read More

    Princess Diana’s Australia Wardrobe Is Getting Us In the Mood for the Royal Tour

    This week, The Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry will embark on an epic two-week trip to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and Tonga — their first official royal tour together. In honour of the impending tour, we decided to look back back at Princess Diana's memorable visits Down Under. Princess Diana visited Australia several times over a decade, beginning with her first royal tour of the country in 1983 (two years after her wedding) and ending with her final trip in 1996. In between, she seemingly saved her best looks for her Aussie trips, from a very on-trend puff-sleeve dress to a sleek statement coat ... Read More

    Meghan Markle Is Pregnant With Her First Child

    Today the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived in Australia for their first royal tour, and just after landing at Sydney International Airport Kensington Palace announced on behalf of the couple that they are expecting their first child. "Their Royal Highnesses have appreciated all of the support they have received from people around the world since their wedding in May and are delighted to be able to share this happy news with the public," the Palace tweeted. "Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are very pleased to announce that The Duchess of Sussex is expecting a baby in ... Read More

    8 Pieces Later, and You’ve Got the Perfect Cold-Weather Capsule Wardrobe

    "Hate" is a strong word, which is why I never use it lightly. In fact, there are only two instances that I can say it with conviction: one is regarding bananas (personally, I'll never understand how anyone can eat them). The other? Being cold. I hate being cold. However, one thing I do like is dressing for the cold.Curating an outfit for subzero conditions is often regarded as one of the biggest fashion dilemmas going. However, with a bit of advice from yours truly, you take on the elements with all the knack of a pro snowboarder but with all ... Read More

    From Paris to Morrocco, Every Fashion Girl Is Styling Their Roll-Necks Like This

    It's a little bit lumberjack, a tad Wild West and a whole lot '70s. Wearing roll-necks under shirts is all the fashion crowd seem to be doing at the moment. There are few things that make us happier than when fashion and practicality meet, and this microtrend is the ultimate "stay warm but look good" styling hack that we guarantee you'll be trying when the mercury plummets.The pairing was all over the streets of fashion week, with showgoers reaching for their favourite retro blouses and layering them up with an assortment of skinny knits and base-layer bodysuits. Our favourite formulas include ... Read More

    These Are the Only Designer Shoes You Need to Know About

    Looking to invest in a new pair of designer shoes but don't know where to start? Fear not—we've done all the hard work for you and rounded up what we believe to be 2018's key investment buys.Expect to find some old favourites here. Mules in every shade and heel height are undoubtedly here to stay, alongside some unexpected newbies. If you're looking to make an impact, look to directional heels spotted everywhere from Yuul Yie to Rejina Pyo. The most surprising key buy for the season is strappy sandals, which are no longer just a July to August option thanks ... Read More

    The Jewellery Trend I’ve Been Thinking About Since February

    Forget about wearing your heart on your sleeve. It turns out that this season, it's all about wearing it on your ear, and unexpectedly, I'm very much into it.Though I'm usually highly reserved when it comes to my choice of bijou, jewellery is the trend I'm least likely to buy into. However, earlier this year, I was taken away for a fabulous nine hours in Paris where I fell in love, not with a French man who makes croissants, but with a pair of earrings.At the end of February, Mulberry invited me to come and see its autumn/winter 2018 collection ... Read More

    Some Dresses Don’t Work With Tights, But These 15 Definitely Do

    As it gets cooler, the option of bare legs gets further away. But that doesn't stop us reaching for a dress (oh, no). There are so many amazing styles out there that you might own already, or fancy investing in, that can work just as well with tights as they have done all summer long sans hosiery. You don't have to suddenly dive into dark prints only or knitted jumper dresses when you want to put your trusty 40-deniers on.Many dresses are more versatile than you think. Pick the right dress, and you can wear it with super-fine or fishnet tights or ... Read More

    We Just Found 15 Topshop Dresses That Look Far More Expensive

    You know the drill: You pop in at Topshop to pick up a tee and end up with an armful of dresses. And we can't blame you right now, as the high-street store's offerings are on fire. But because no one's wardrobe is big enough for the whole lot (there are currently over 800 pieces online right now), we've done the hard work for you and picked the hero dresses you may want to consider adding to your armoury.Style Notes: Kat (left) wears Topshop's Polka Dot Midi Dress that's now in the sale (£25) and Kim (right) wears Striped Open Back Dress (£49).You can dress this ... Read More

    The Boots Important Fashion People Have Been Wearing Forever

    Anyone who has ever watched Friends will know that you have to be very careful when investing in a pair of knee-high boots. One wrong move and you can end up like Monica Geller, piggy-backing barefoot after wearing an ill-fitting pair for too long.Most boots look better with heels than a flat soles, however, this means they can result in a lot of hobbling and blisters, dramatically bringing down that cost per wear. Get a new pair of boots right, though, and you can wear them every day and with every outfit (maybe Monica was right about spending a little ... Read More

    Zara’s “Older Sister” Brand Is Looking So Good Right Now

    While Massimo Dutti can hardly count as a "lesser-known" brand, we've found that in the world of high street fashion, it can sometimes get overshadowed by its better-known sister brand, Zara. While the latter has become synonymous with the latest, cutting-edge trends, the former is generally better-known for its classic, tailored pieces and work-ready separates. However, when we walked past Massimo Dutti's window a few days ago, we were blown away by its display of chic autumnal pieces that combined trend-led details with timeless silhouettes. Even Queen Letizia agrees (having recently chosen a sophisticated polka dot dress from the Spanish ... Read More

    J’adore! These French Shoes Are Back in Fashion, and I’m Thrilled

    I have this recurring dream where I'm twirling around the streets of Paris at twilight, wearing a tulle Dior dress and sporting a beret in the deepest shade of noir, all the while carrying a baguette in the crook of my arm. Of course, you can't twirl effectively in spindly stilettos, so my footwear of choice is another French-girl staple: ballet flats.Naturally, I wake to discover I'm not in Paris, that the Dior dress was merely on subconscious loan and, to my dismay, there's not a baguette ready to be devoured. However, much like Cinderella, I do have a pair ... Read More

    This Vogue Assistant Just Emerged As a Street Style Star

    At London Fashion Week more than one person said to me "who is that girl who is always next to Edward Enninful? She has the best outfits this week." The answer is his Executive Assistant, Deborah Ababio. Here at Who What Wear UK we are always looking for the next big street style star, and we are certain that Deborah is about to be a regular feature in street style galleries. Instead of wearing blend-into-the-background all-black outfits like many other assistants often lean on, Deborah wears a lot of colour and statement accessories — she's usually wearing either a beret ... Read More

    I Tried On 50 High-Street Dresses to Work Out Which Ones Go With Tights

    Here at Who What Wear UK, we're all about delivering the latest and greatest shopping edits, as approved by our team. That's why we've created this offshoot shopping column as part of our We Try Before You Buy franchise, in which I'll be heading to all your favourite stores to test out new-in pieces IRL. From summer dresses to intriguing brands, prepare for changing room selfies aplenty. Is there something you'd like me to cover? Make sure to tweet or message me via Instagram for requests.Us Brits are no strangers to a pair of tights. From the laddered woollen pairs we wore in the playground, to the barely-there ... Read More

    I’ve Worn Black to a Wedding 3 Times, So Here Are My Dos and Don’ts

    Can you wear black to a wedding? In my opinion, it's a yes, but with a few rules and regs and caveats that come along with it. I've personally worn black to three weddings over the past few years, and it isn't caused trouble yet. In fact, the formulas I've come up with have become really trusty, failsafe outfits for those nuptials and events where you really don't have a clue what to wear.Unlike many other social engagements, weddings can often come with a specific set of guidelines and requests from the happy couple, but a lot of these have changed and ... Read More

    I’ve Been Told These 5 Autumn Trends Are Selling Out at Topshop

    It's not often we visit Topshop and leave empty-handed. In fact, there are so many covetable items dropping each week it seems we're regularly curating the perfect wardrobe in our virtual baskets. This kind of constant perusing (rather than fast purchasing) can help you really pinpoint what you actually like and are willing to spend some money on. We've already spotted the Instagram style set wearing a few stellar Topshop A/W 18 buys (many of which have sold out fast), but we're no slouch when it comes to finding great new pieces from the high-street megalith.To help avoid being faced ... Read More

    I Just Tried On the Best Cowboy Boots — and They’re Surprisingly Easy to Style

    Our We Try Before You Buy series aims to take the stress out of shopping and eliminate the number of Post Office visits you make each month to return failed online orders. We're testing new-season buys so you don't have to, thus saving you some coin by letting you know what's worth the spend. I don’t need to tell you cowboy boots are back — that’s old news now. But the question is, how do you actually wear this potentially tricky trend? Who would have thought we'd see the return of the western silhouette. We last saw these boots sometime in the ... Read More