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FBI was warned about Cruz

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    I want responsibility put on the parents..

    .. it was obvious his mental state.
    .. he had guns, weapons, knives in his bedroom
    .. he was posting all over the internet
    .. parents, teachers, students.. even the FBI knew..

    so.. the mum and dad were just sitting there watching TV without a care in the world?

    Parents… teach your kids how to act FFS! Seriously, you should be forced to take tests and get a permit to have children!

    You have to to drive a car – because it could be a lethal weapon when used incorrectly
    You have to to buy a gun – because it is a lethal weapon
    You are raising kids that are turning into lethal weapons..

    PS – perhaps if the FBI were focusing on crimes and not forging dossiers, breaking laws for warrants, spying on presidential candidates, working to cover up crimes and let people skate and trying to rig elections.. they would have noticed the red flag in front of them with this kid

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    PPS – hows that Vegas shooting investigation going – oh look, they’re lying about that too

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