FIFA Confederations Cup: The story of the tournament

FIFA Confederations Cup: The story of the tournament

15 Jun, 2017 16:01

2017 Confederations Cup – New Zealand: The Road to Russia

14 Jun, 2017 19:31

Australia, Cameroon & Chile all suffer losses in final Confed Cup warm-up games

14 Jun, 2017 18:18

Cheeky Ronaldo Confed Cup mural unveiled near Portugal team hotel in Kazan (PHOTOS)

14 Jun, 2017 14:04

Remarkable Ronaldo: Test your knowledge of Portugal’s serial record-breaker (QUIZ)

14 Jun, 2017 13:34

Russia 1-1 Chile: Stalemate in Moscow in pre-Confed Cup friendly

9 Jun, 2017 21:58

Russia 1-1 Chile: Hosts play last warm-up game before Confed Cup kick-off

9 Jun, 2017 15:24

Hitman Smolov aiming to fire Russia to Confed Cup glory

9 Jun, 2017 12:17

Russia gear up for final friendly against Chile in Moscow

8 Jun, 2017 19:40

Australia claim vital World Cup qualifying win over Saudi Arabia

8 Jun, 2017 16:45

‘El Burrito’ – Meet the Mexico debutant looking to conquer the Confed Cup

7 Jun, 2017 18:05

Meet Anthony Hudson – the man plotting to spoil Russia’s Confed Cup opening party

7 Jun, 2017 12:59

Russia blacklists almost 200 football hooligans for Confederations Cup

6 Jun, 2017 15:09

Zobnin injury mars Russia’s Confed Cup warm-up win in Hungary

6 Jun, 2017 13:27

Confed Cup countdown: Warm-up wins for Mexico, Chile & Portugal, while NZ slip to defeat

5 Jun, 2017 11:45

‘Expect one big fiesta!’ – El Coronel of Mexican fan group ‘Pancho Villa’s Army’ on Confed Cup

2 Jun, 2017 16:56

Russia’s Confed Cup, World Cup matches & fan areas to be ‘tobacco-free’

2 Jun, 2017 14:05

Russian broadcaster finally agrees TV deal with FIFA for Confed Cup 2017, World Cup 2018 – report

2 Jun, 2017 12:30

#ConfedCup countdown: Chicharito becomes Mexico top scorer in warm-up match

1 Jun, 2017 16:53

FIFA 2017 Confederations Cup : Meet 5 young stars set to shine in Russia

31 May, 2017 14:06

Repairs to 2018 World Cup St. Petersburg Stadium finally complete after shaky start

30 May, 2017 16:08

‘Russia will be hospitable, but its team unpredictable’ – FM Lavrov on Confed Cup

29 May, 2017 13:19

100,000 ‘FAN ID’ passports issued for Confederations Cup

26 May, 2017 17:08

Ex-Premier League’s Stan Collymore sings Kalinka & joins RT for 2017 FIFA Confed Cup in Russia

22 May, 2017 07:50

The truth about football in Russia (and no bulls**t!)

22 May, 2017 00:21

FIFA Confederations Cup not just World Cup rehearsal – football greats Desailly, Kewell to RT

21 May, 2017 21:08

Russian football stars beat Ronaldinho-led FIFA legends on penalties in St. Petersburg

21 May, 2017 16:05

Bodyguard bot: Russian scientists invent security guard robot for England fans at 2018 World Cup

18 May, 2017 16:37

FIFA Confederations Cup 2017: Get ready for all the action in Russia with RT’s special project

17 May, 2017 17:59

Confederations Cup is ‘final hurdle’ before World Cup, it’s a dream for any player – Ronaldinho

15 May, 2017 18:10

Brazilian-born Fernandes in Russia preliminary Confed Cup squad as Monte Carlo revelers omitted

15 May, 2017 14:19

Ronaldinho expects footballers to be ‘inspired’ at FIFA 2017 Confederations Cup in Russia

13 May, 2017 18:39

‘The team’s showing its character, the fans appreciate that’ – Russian head coach Cherchesov

12 May, 2017 16:01

Russia beefs up security for 2017 Confederations Cup

10 May, 2017 16:47

‘In Mexico there is a lot of curiosity about Russia’ – Mexican embassy official

5 May, 2017 21:04

‘We hope to put on a show!’ – New Zealand official on 2017 Confederations Cup opener vs Russia

4 May, 2017 17:18

French legend Desailly opens 2017 Confederations Cup Park in Moscow (VIDEO)

29 Apr, 2017 17:45

‘Let’s enjoy beer & BBQ together!’ – Australian official predicts friendly atmosphere at Confed Cup

28 Apr, 2017 17:52

‘No sign’ of censorship at 2017 Confed-Cup in Russia – German journalist accredited for event

26 Apr, 2017 21:02

Concluding stage of 2017 Confederations Cup ticket sales begins in Moscow

19 Apr, 2017 13:06

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