Gods of Air and darkness


“Gods of Air and darkness”

is a book written in 1975 by Richard E Mooney.



Richard Mooney was born in Slough, England, and educated locally until the age of fourteen when schooling ended abruptly because of the war. He then travelled extensively in the Far East, learning Japanese at the same time. He is currently living in Kendal, Westmorland.

In this astonishing book, Richard E. Mooney develops his hypothesis first put forward in his immensely successful work, Colony: Earth, and brings new evidence to support it from biology, geology, archaeology and the myths and legends of mankind. His material ranges from the religious beliefs of Polynesian Islanders and Red Indians to photographs taken by Lunar Orbiter 2 of the Sea of Tranquillity; from experiments with cosmic rays in the Pyramid of Khephren to ancient texts detailing a knowledge of medicine and surgery equal to our own.

Gods of Air and Darkness is both compulsive and essential reading for all those whose curiosity about man’s origins is strong enough to carry them into speculations beyond the narrow confines of traditional belief.


here is an excerpt:


This work is a sequel to ‘Colony: Earth’ in which we attempted to show, primarily, three things:

1. That it is possible that Man neither evolved, nor was divinely created, but arrived here as a colonist from worlds elsewhere in space;

2. That the civilisation he created was destroyed in a vast catastrophe, which passed into legend as the ‘Deluge’ or ‘Flood’ and was followed by a memory of a time of Gods and a Golden Age;

3. That this catastrophe was responsible for the great extinction of life at the end of what we call the Pleistocene and gave rise to the Ice Age Theory. We suggested that the Ice Age was not in the PAST, but rather in the PRESENT.

It was hoped that these ideas explained many mysteries in the past: the lack of fossil evidence for evolution, the extermination of the mammoth and other species of animals of the Pleistocene, the existence of areas of knowledge in the past which does not fit with the concept of Mankind emerging for the first time from a state of barbarism – in particular we offered an explanation for the building of many structures, such as Stonehenge and the Pyramids for which no completely believable explanations had been forthcoming.

Obviously, a subject of this scope had, of necessity, to deal with some matters only briefly, and others scarcely at all. This present book, therefore, is an expansion on some themes, and presents new material stemming in part from discoveries made since the first book was written. No doubt a similar thing will happen to this book: by the time it is written, further new discoveries will have been made and new evidence made available which will either support the concepts in this book, or nullify parts or even all of it. This is a risk we shall have to take: So far, new discoveries made since Colony: Earth was written have tended to support the ideas contained therein, rather than detracted from them. It is to be hoped that this trend will continue.

In many ways, this volume will be more difficult to write than the previous book. In that, we dealt to a large extent with physical evidence, whereas in this volume the emphasis will be placed more on intangibles. With respect to many of the ideas we are seeking to elaborate, evidence is almost entirely missing. Thousands of archaeological sites which may yield valuable information and throw light on many mysteries have been investigated only scantily or not at all. Traces of vanished cities have been discovered in Death Valley in California and elsewhere in the Southwestern states of North America. Odd artifacts have been discovered, usually quite accidentally, throughout North America where the existence of a former high civilisation has never been suspected.

No thorough archaeological investigation has been carried out at Tiahuanacu in Bolivia, and there are thousands of ancient sites throughout Central and South America awaiting investigation. The great number of stone circles and

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other megalithic alignments scattered throughout Britain and Western Europe have been almost ignored, many have been destroyed, and it is due almost entirely to the efforts of one man (Prof. A. Thom) that anything at all is known of these. Of course, there are exceptions. Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill have been carefully preserved as monuments from a former era. Measurements have recently been made at the great megalithic alignment complex at Carnac in France. But it may be many years before a systematic survey and mapping project of all the megalithic sites is undertaken. Only then may we discover if there was a link between them, or a plan of a coordinated mathematical scheme, possibly of great precision and importance, which may give us a clue to some of the mysteries of the pre-historic past. No one knows what may be hidden far beneath the great artificial hills of Avebury and Silbury, or beneath some of the lesser-known pyramids of Egypt, many of which are covered in sand and half ruined.

With each year that passes, our chances of solving the mysteries of our past grow less: Time and the elements corrode and rot away the traces, and the bulldozers of our impatient age obliterate or cover up what may be evidence of primary importance. Most major finds of the most unusual kind have been made by pure chance: Gait’s Cube, that strange steel object found inside a piece of coal, was an accident, as was the bell-shaped jar found encased in stone. Iron nails have been found inside stone, as was the trace of a screw. Parts of ancient batteries were found covered in dust in the corner of a Baghdad museum, labeled as religious bric-a-brac. Chance may uncover something sensational tomorrow, or we may discover nothing new for years.

In some areas of our investigation we have almost no signposts to show us the way. We shall have to try to analyse mythology in new ways: numberless books have been written on the ancient civilisations and their mythologies but beyond a certain point the experts are baffled. It may be that as long as we look at things in the traditional way, we will never understand, and never find the answers.

What is the underlying significance of all the world’s religions, why do they all follow the same pattern, and whence came all our varied gods of the past? Why did they appear to have come into existence at a certain point in time and at no other? Why have not primitive peoples today created new religions like the old?

Why is there always, at the back of men’s minds, the thought that there used to be a Golden Age on Earth? What is the true significance behind many of our deep subconscious images, such as the Great Sacred Egg? or the sensation, experienced in dreams, of levitation? Why do many people experience strange happenings in the mind – telepathy, precognition? Are there powers of the mind which are real, but hidden, lying dormant?

Flying saucers are not new: reports of them exist as far back as written records go. The first is mentioned on a papyrus in the reign of the Pharaoh Thutmosis III, 4,000 years ago, and many references in the biblical Old Testament can be equated with UFO reports. Are UFOs real, and if so, what are they?

All ancient religions speak of a great disaster in the past and a disaster to come. In Eastern religions, World Ages are mentioned, cyclic destructions; and the Aztecs in the New World, like their neighbours, the Maya, were obsessed with the idea of future destructions. Has this significance, and if so, what could it be?

All these things, and more, we shall examine in this book, and try to fit into a logical framework. Many newer writers are searching for new answers to old mysteries. Daniken suggests that the Gods were astronauts from other worlds. Kolosimo suggests a similar approach, but with the additional emphasis on the concept of older advanced terrestrial civilisations. Tomas, in his examination of ancient scientific knowledge in his book We Are Not The First, considers the possibility of ancient societies possessing the knowledge we have today. These ideas are not particularly new. Professor Soddy, in 1909, discussed the possibility of a vanished culture with advanced knowledge, and Donelly’s Atlantis and Churchward’s Mu contain the concept of vanished, legendary empires. At the present time, these ideas are being taken more seriously, as older ideas and explanations fail to satisfy. However, even the newer concepts seem still to be inhibited by more traditional views, and thus fail to explain many of the phenomena they are confronted with. So they tend to introduce factors which are semi-mystical in nature, falling back on the idea of secret societies of ancient knowledge, or the unreal approach to the Atlantis problem made by Madame Blavatsky and the Theosophists. These fringe ideas threaten to bring into disrepute any serious attempt to take a fresh look at the ancient world, and have the unfortunate effect of lumping the serious, logical investigator with the rest of the ‘lunatic fringe’.

In this volume, we shall try to avoid anything which seems mystical or magical. We shall extrapolate from facts and evidence, and interpret religion and mythology in the light of modern scientific discoveries. No matter how bizarre our extrapolations may seem, they are not beyond the bounds of the possibilities inherent in our present scientific knowledge or theories.

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It has been said that introductions should properly belong at the end of a book, and not the beginning, and indeed, that some introductions are so long and so technical that it is almost superfluous to read the book!

On this note, therefore, we will end this introduction, and in the chapters that follow, the reader is warned that the facts are, as far as can be ascertained, facts, and the inferences drawn from them are the author’s, to be taken seriously, or not, as the reader wishes.

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