Guardian Labels Kassam as ‘New Face of Hard Right’ After Sky Interview

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    The left-liberal Guardian newspaper has branded Breitbart London editor-in-chief Raheem Kassam the “new face of the hard right” following his viral takedown of Sadiq Khan on Sky News.

    Defending U.S. President Donald Trump’s alleged remarks on immigration from “shithole” countries being undesirable, the conservative firebrand took the Labour politician to task for his part in turning the crime-ridden British capital into a “shithole” itself.

    Kassam’s candid remarks have garnered widespread attention online, prompting the Guardian — a favourite among establishment broadcasters and politicians in the United Kingdom — to profile him as an “important figure in the Breitbart orbit” following the departure of former executive chairman Steve Bannon:

    Raheem Kassam, London editor, Breitbart News
    The former Nigel Farage aide has become a important figure [sic] in the Breitbart orbit. He has been hosting the website’s daily radio show since Bannon’s departure and is an aggressive advocate of his former boss as well as Trump. Kassam has also taken the opportunity to throw bombs on the other side of the Atlantic, defending Trump’s “shithole” comment by telling Sky News London had become “a shithole” under Sadiq Khan.

    Breitbart’s Washington editor Matt Boyle, White House adviser Stephen Miller, and Fox News presenter Tucker Carlson were profiled alongside Kassam.

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