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Hillary Clinton’s Pastor Compared Election Defeat to Good Friday

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    Hillary Clinton’s pastor sent her an email the morning after she lost the presidential election to Donald Trump, comparing the day to Good Friday — appearing to place Clinton in the role of Jesus Christ.

    CNN reported on the email Thursday from the ubiquitous Rev, Bill Shillady — who is currently making the rounds in a number of media outlets as he pushes his new book of devotions connected to Clinton: Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clinton. This week he suggested to the Atlantic that Clinton may be thinking of becoming a lay preacher.

    In promoting his new book, Shillady not only gave an interview to CNN but also passed on the email he sent to Clinton as she was still digesting the loss to President-elect Trump.

    In the reflection, he starts by comparing Clinton’s day of defeat to Good Friday — the day on which Jesus was crucified.

    It is Friday, but Sunday is coming. This is not the devotional I had hoped to write. This is not the devotional you wish to receive this day. While Good Friday may be the starkest representation of a Friday that we have, life is filled with a lot of Fridays.

    He then appears to compare Clinton to Christ, saying that Good Friday appeared to end the hopes for “the Messiah who was supposed to change everything.”

    For the disciples and Christ’s followers in the first century, Good Friday represented the day that everything fell apart. All was lost. The momentum and hope of a man claiming to be the Son of God, the Messiah who was supposed to change everything, had been executed.

    “Today, you are experiencing a Friday,” he adds. “Your Friday is what happened in the last few weeks and last night in the tragic loss. But Sunday is coming!”

    He then makes it clear that, in his mind, this isn’t just a dark day for Clinton, but for “our nation” and even “our world”:

    “My sister Hillary. You, our nation, our world is experiencing a black Friday. Our hope is that Sunday is coming. But it might well be hell for a while,” he writes.

    Shillady shared his own thoughts in an accompanying interview with CNN, in which he said it felt like Good Friday for him too:

    “I woke up that morning (on November 9) and it felt like maybe what the Apostles experienced on Good Friday,” he said. “Their leader, master, and savior was dead and gone and they didn’t know what to do.”

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    Adam Shaw is a Breitbart News politics reporter based in New York. Follow Adam on Twitter:  @AdamShawNY

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